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Tree Hugging

August 2019

Hugging trees at Hagley Park

Hot air balloon passing over the crowd at Classical Sparks

1 February 2014

A hot air balloon passes directly overhead during the Classical ...

Unexpected hot air balloon over Classical Sparks

1 February 2014

A very unexpected hot air balloon flew over the Classical Sparks ...

Vivid green

2 October 2019

The leaves are fresh after the storm. The clear blue sky brings ...

Late bloomer

July 8th 2019

The tree is in neat rows and every single piece of branches draw ...

Book of Nature

9 July 2019

I bike to school everyday which is about 10km from home, brought ...

New lamps for Harper Avenue

26 June 1984

Municipal Electricity Department linesman, Wayne O'Keefe, ...

Aerial view of Central Christchurch, 1961


Aerial photo of Christchurch Central taken on a scenic flight ...

Hagley Park Mist

July 2019

South Hagley Park from Deans Avenue

Botanical Gardens bridge

14 May 1973

The nearly completed bridge crossing the Avon River between ...

Helmores Lane bridge

15 January 1975

N. Rudkin and her daughter, Kate Rudkin, on the Helmores Lane ...

Transportation of footbridge frame

20 October 1988

View during the transportation of a steel frame along Park ...

Frame for footbridge at the end of Salisbury Street

29 October 1988

The steel frame of a new footbridge crossing the Avon River from ...

Opening of the new Park Terrace footbridge

25 November 1988

Councillor John Burn, Sir Hamish Hay and Lady Hay cross the new ...

Traffic lights on Deans Avenue.

12 April 1969

Traffic lights at the Deans Avenue-Harper Avenue-Fendalton Road ...

Casual parking, Hagley Park

10 July 1973

Casual visitor parking in Hagley Park near the Armagh Street ...

Christchurch Hospital nursing staff


Nursing staff of the Christchurch Hospital taken towards the end ...

Aerial view of the city and Avon River

28 May 1977

Aerial view of Christchurch city looking west from Richmond ...

Aerial view of South Christchurch towards Addington


Aerial view of Christchurch showing the railway line, Moorhouse ...

Aerial view of Christchurch Hospital and surrounds

5 July 1946

Aerial view of Christchurch Hospital, Hagley Park and the ...

Summertimes Classical Sparks

20 February 1988

View of the audience at the Summertimes Classical Sparks held in ...

Wilma at the Great Greyhound Walk 2019, Hagley Park

9th June 2019

The Great Global Greyhound Walk in Christchurch June 9th 2019 at ...

Cast of Occidental Hotel's Rocky Horror Picture Show

16 October 1991

Cast members, consisting of local Christchurch actors, of the ...

Winter Balloon Festival hare-and-hounds race

6 August 1994

View of hot-air balloons in North Hagley Park ahead of the ...

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