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Holt Family Swimming Pool, 48 Horotane Valley


Showing swimming pool and greenhouse built by Neville Holt. ...

Christchurch Cathedral Function and Woodwards Corner

Christchurch Cathedral Function and Woodwards Corner. Photo ...

Oxford Terrace - February 2004


An iconic red phone box.

Construction of the electrical tramways in Christchurch


Laying the lines in High Street

The front of one of the cave huts, Taylors Mistake

January 1910

Used in the summer by young men for fishing etc. it was known ...

Car being driven along Riccarton Road by Church Corner

Around 1906-1912

Shown from left: Main South Road, followed by a corner of the ...

A car and excursionists in front of the Sign of the Kiwi

Circa 1922

Dyers Pass, Summit Road, Christchurch

The Council Chambers, Spreydon

January 1913

The Spreydon Borough Council Chambers with a motorbike parked ...

Belfast Freezing Works

December 1900

Labourers outside the fellmongery, Belfast Freezing Works.

A boy leans on the Hereford Street bridge, Christchurch

Circa 1885

The nearest building is that of G. Makeig, land agent.

The last New Brighton tram

18 October 1952

The first tram route in Christchurch to close was the New ...

Ec electric locomotive in the Addington Workshops

Circa 1960

Christchurch to Lyttelton suburban Ec electric locomotive ...

Open day, 1955

US Navy Icebreaker at Lyttelton Open day.

Akaroa Boating Club

The first Akaroa Boatsheds

Cathedral Square, 1969


Lunch time Cathedral Square under a winter sun.

Fin and Arthur in uniform, Cathedral Square


Fin and Arthur in uniform in Cathedral Square with the United ...

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