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Redcliffs School Honour board

circa. 2011

Redcliffs School Sports achievement honour board.

Marine Hotel

circa. 2011

Marine Hotel, Sumner just after the 2011 earthquakes.

Shields up whānau - covid poster

22 March 2021

Covid poster promoting the use of the government QR code tracer ...

Little Akaloa


Little Akaloa, taken from from my friend, Lois’ central ...

Dawn Mk-II Aurora

29 July 2020

Introducing the Dawn Mk-II Aurora, the latest vehicle on Dawn ...

Red zone rose

February 2021

Part of a series of photos of garden plants surviving in the ...

Red zone lobelia

February 2021

Part of a series of photos of garden plants which still survive ...

Jean Batten Place, Horseshoe Lake

February 2021

10 years after the 2011 earthquakes, residential red zone.

Red zone robinia

February 2021

A robinia tree which has outgrown its pot, after 10 years of ...

Red zone robinia

February 2021

A slightly pot-bound robinia tree in the Horseshoe Lake ...

Box hedge in red zone garden 2021

February 2021

Part of a series of photos of garden plants which have survived ...

Box hedge in red zone garden, Feb 2021

February 2021

Part of a series of photos of garden “survivors” in the ...

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament


Stained Glass Window in the Cathedral in 1988.

Hume Pipe Co.


On the back of the photo it reads: Silo made by Hume Pipe Co. ...

Hume Pipe Company Employees circa 1930


Employees of the Hume Pipe Company taken about 1930. Back row ...

City Churches

June 2007

View from the fourth floor of the CTV building, corner of Madras ...

The ladies and men working at Miller's, Christchurch

About 1963

Machinists at Miller's in Tuam Street early 1960's. Jessie ...

Gathering of the clan


The Scott-Lanyon brothers and sisters get together in the ...

A day in town with Mum


My brother Gary Wayne Scott-Lanyon and me, Kay Scott-Lanyon, ...

Akaroa Lighthouse


I took this photo on a beautiful day, driving around the corner ...

Woolston School,1936, Standard 3 class


A 1936 Standard 3 class from Woolston Primary School. My father ...

A day out at the Races


My mother-in-law, Joyce Edith Payne (right) with her ...

Joyce and Shona


My mother-in-law Joyce Willan, meeting her friend Shona (surname ...

Buses at Stewart's Gully


This photo was taken by family who had a holiday house there for ...

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