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Ferrymead House, Original colour scan

Potentially 1883 - However The CCC Heritage site has the sale to the Buntings as 1886

Ferrymead House. Original Colour Scan. The written description ...

Ferrymead House

Potentially 1883

Ferrymead House. The written description on the back of a ...

Christchurch Hip Hop Summit 2021

10 December 2021

Intense competition during "The Battle" break dance event.

Floral boat display

22 February 2000

Floral display of some boats as part of festival of flowers.

Floral Clock

22 February 2000

Flower clock in Victoria Square, and people dressed as flowers ...

Flower festival

22 February 2000

People dressed as flowers as part of the festival of flowers, ...

Floral Clock

22 February 2000

Floral clock in Victoria Square with people dressed as flowers, ...

Phillipstown Amateur Swimming Club patch

16 October 2021

Embroidered patch for the Phillipstown Amateur Swimming Club ...

Fresh Xmas trees, Eastgate Mall

11 December 2021

Christmas trees for sale in the car park of Eastgate Mall. The ...

"Angels on the Earth" utility box - Keighleys Road


Chorus utility box titled "Angels on the Earth" by Haruko ...

"Freaky Ascending Angel" Paste up - Boxed Quarter

May 2021

A paste up titled "Freaky Ascending Angel" by Mark Catley, a ...

"Crossings" - East X East Red Zone

June 2021

A mural painted on the road titled "Crossings" by Dr. Suits ...

"The Marriage of Figaro" - Gloucester Street

May 2021

Mural promoting the NZ Opera The Marriage of Figaro by Jessie ...

"INNOVATE" mural - ARA Institute of Canterbury

June 2021

A mural titled "INNOVATE" by Askew One, commissioned by the ARA ...

Nick Lowry mural - Hornby High School

March 2021

Part of a mural by Nick Lowry of native New Zealand birds on the ...

"Only here to pay some bills and maybe fill a cart with some cat food" mural - Manchester Street

March 2021

A refresh of another mural by the same artist titled "Only here ...

"Rise From the Rubble" - Hereford Street

December 2017

"Rise From the Rubble" by Brandon Warrell, winner of the ...

Dance-O-Mat - Gloucester Street

7 July 2017

The Dance-O-Mat by Gap Filler in the vacant lot on the corner of ...

Shand Crescent Pump House mural - Riccarton

November 2019

Mural created by the Riccarton SafeGrowth Neighbourhood ...

Lupins mural - Stanmore Road

1 November 2019

A mural titled Lupins by Sam Billings on the corrugated iron ...

"Homage to Lost Spaces" - Cranmer Courts

2 April 2012

A Paste up of photographs titled "Homage to Lost Spaces" by Mike ...

Dance-O-Mat - St Asaph Street

17 March 2012

The Dance-O-Mat by Gap Filler in the vacant lot on the corner of ...

Ira Mitchell mural - Ensors Road


The artist Ira Mitchell with her mural of Sumner Beach painted ...

TMD crew mural - Etu Pasifika Health building


A mural by members of the TMD artist crew, Charles Williams, ...

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