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Dallington Bridge Store

12 January 1988

Dairy located at 658 Avonside Drive

Red Bus

30 February 1995


8 December 1983

Wizards in Gloucester Street.

Panorama of High and Tuam St intersection


Panorama of High and Tuam St intersection looking towards ...

Canterbury Technology Park


Canterbury Technology Park on Sir William Pickering Drive.

Pukekos at Travis Wetlands

25 April 2018

Three Pukekos grazing at Travis Wetland Nature Heritage Park.

Avonhead Mall

25 April 2018

Exterior of the entrance to Avonhead Mall on the corner with ...

Shops on Grampian Street in Casebrook

25 April 2018

Exterior of shops along Grampian Street on the corner with ...

St Mary and St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church

25 April 2018

St Mary and St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church being built on ...

Cream silo at Tai Tapu Dairy Company plant

25 June 1982

Workmen hoisting a 70,000 litre cream silo into position at the ...

Aulsebrooks biscuit factory chimney

20 August 1983

View from above of construction workers, Scott Rhodes (left) and ...

Sweets display at Foodstuffs, Main North Road

8 December 1987

Mr Kevin Keenan with sweets display in the Foodstuffs ...

Aulsebrooks biscuit factory

5 August 1978

Exterior of Aulsebrook & Co Limited biscuit factory on the ...

Lyttelton's last civil and naval tailor, D. Lublow

28 June 1980

Mr D. Lublow, civil and naval tailor, sat in his London Street ...

Celebrating 45 years working in the clothing industry

30 October 1982

Miss Shirley Tolchard, celebrating 45 years working in the ...

Clothing Workers Union march

19 April 1988

A large group of Clothing Workers Union members marching through ...

Giant-sized All Blacks rugby jersey, world record attempt

17 January 1997

A giant-sized Canterbury New Zealand All Blacks rugby jersey ...

Outdoor seating at Bardellis, Cashel Street

4 January 1992

Patrons at outdoor seating at Bardellis restaurant and bar on ...

Construction at Blue Lagoons restaurant, Brooklands

16 July 1990

A construction worker on a pile driver working on an extension ...

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