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Shirley Area Instrumental scheme leaving for Nelson

27 November 1979

Children part of the Shirley Area Instrumental Scheme including ...

Linwood Intermediate School students with Wati Heremaia

29 August 1990

The NZ music group at Linwood Intermediate School singing with ...

Aranui High School, Shortland Street

3 June 1987

Exterior of the main entrance and sign for Aranui High School on ...

Original building of the Avonside Girls' High school

19 June 1963

Exterior of the original Avonside Girls' High School, used as ...

Sign for Hornby High School, Waterloo Road

8 May 1975

Headmaster, Mr A.E.L. Britton, with two pupils, Barbara Ford ...

Hillmorton High School, Hoon Hay

16 June 1987

Exterior of Hillmorton High School, Tankerville Road, Hoon Hay.

Papanui High School, Langdons Road

15 February 1989

Exterior of the main office block and entrance to Papanui High ...

Mairehau High School pupils in the new gymnasium

6 November 1967

A pupil at Mairehau High School during a somersault over a row ...

Manning Intermediate School, Hoon Hay

22 January 1969

Exterior and grounds of Manning Intermediate School at 50 Hoon ...

Minister of Education at Cobham Intermediate School

6 February 1967

A group of boys from Cobham Intermediate School stood outside ...

Marian College, Shirley

23 June 1987

Exterior view of the main building at Marian College, Shirley. ...

Durham Street Methodist Church

20 April 1972

Exterior of Durham Street Methodist Church viewed from across ...

Children at QEII Park track

7 March 1986

School children lying on their backs around the track whilst ...

The Milky Bar Kid rides into Sydenham Mall

29 October 1990

A boy dressed as a cowboy on the back of a pony outside Sydenham ...

Knight riding on a horse through Hagley Park

16 June 1982

A rider, Miss Sue Morrish, dressed as a knight riding on a ...

John Y of Phantom Billstickers putting up posters.

18 July 1987

A selection of advertising posters being pasted to a wall by ...

Large fibreglass Kiwi sign on a crane, Tuam Street

8 July 1969

A 16 foot long 3D fibreglass model of a Kiwi bird being swung ...

Fish and Chips advertising sign, Pages Road

12 February 1982

Illegal advertising sign for fish and chips attached to the back ...

Factions of Alf's Imperial Army at the Arts Centre

24 August 1985

Alf's Imperial Army and various factions including the ...

Looking north-east towards the Market Place

Circa 1858

Market Place is now known as Victoria Square. View is from the ...

An advertisement for corsets sold by J. Ballantyne & Co.


"Tailors and dressmakers prefer to fit over the 'Spécialité' ...

Cathedral Square


This was Exhibit O in a successful action in the Court of Appeal ...

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