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Tonks Norton's Buildings, Hereford Street

Frebruary 1900

At the time this was considered to be one of the most handsome ...

Sydenham Park

Circa 1900

With reading room, band rotunda and water tower.

Garden party for Old Colonists' at Riccarton House

18 December 1900

Mrs Jane Deans held a garden party as part of the Canterbury ...

An electric tram crosses the Ferry Bridge

June 1909

A tram crosses the bridge over the Heathcote River on the road ...

The Post and Telegraph Office on Norwich Quay, Lyttelton

Circa 1885

The Post and Telegraph Office was built in 1876. In the ...

Lord and Lady Jellicoe passing the Guard of Honour


Lord and Lady Jellicoe passing the Guard of Honour

A group of young bathers in the surf at Sumner beach


A group of young bathers in the surf at Sumner beach

A Standard Vanguard Phase III being assembled

Circa 1960

Standard cars were so called because they were assembled from ...

Woman serving expresso coffee at Fails Café

Circa 1955

Woman serving expresso coffee at Fails Café. The café was ...

The corner of Cashel and High Streets, Christchurch


Cobb & Co. established their line of coaches in Christchurch in ...

The Nautilus on the Avon-Heathcote Estuary in the 1920s


This craft was built in Auckland about 1912 for Frederick Horace ...

"The Bricks", 311 Oxford Terrace

circa 2009

The brick and stone plaque was erected in 1926 to mark the site ...

Piko Building, 229 Kilmore Street, 26 February 2005

26 February 2005

Piko Building, 229 Kilmore Street, 26 February 2005.

Piko Building Kilmore Street on 22 February 2011

22 February 2011

Piko Wholefoods organic shop on the corner of Barbadoes and ...



Hay's Christmas parade

Opening day at the Edgeware Bowling Club's green

22 October 1910

The season opened in the presence of a large gathering of ...

The Bricks Memorial, Barbadoes Street


This memorial marks the spot where the Avon River shoaled too ...

Troops watering horses in the Avon River near Carlton Bridge

September 1914

In Sept. 1914 the Mounted Regiment, Canterbury Contingent, rode ...

The unveiling of the Bricks memorial, Barbadoes Street

18 December 1926

This was the highest point on the Avon River reached by ...

Roper's Store, Normans Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch


This area of Bryndwr (later Elmwood) was once a farm owned by ...

Staff of the Four Square Foodmarket, Normans Road, Elmwood


In 1963 a large number of people was still required to run the ...

Christchurch Press Co. Ltd., Cashel Street, Christchurch

December 1900

202-210 Cashel Street. From left are: Edward Button, painter; ...

Cathedral Grammar School, Chester Street

Circa June 1929

The brick building on the left opened in 1929, the wooden ...

New Cathedral Grammar School building


New Cathedral Grammar School building. This new addition was ...

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