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Crayfish pot

12 April 1977

A crayfish pot being emptied on-board a crayfishing boat.

Language booklet launch

14 April 1977

Louisa Crawley (left) and Mrs Caroline Leota with a language ...

Bus drivers' stop work meeting

12 April 1977

Bus drivers leaving the Ferry Road bus depot to attend a stop ...

Cars parked on bus stops

21 April 1977

Cars parked on bus stops in Cathedral Square during the bus ...

Bus drivers' stopwork meeting

12 April 1977

Bus drivers participating in a stopwork meeting.

Manila taxi

16 April 1977

A Manila taxi, powered by a 125 custom Suzuki motorcycle, being ...

Moncks Spur-Summit Road junction

2 April 1977

AA Canterbury signs at the junction of Moncks Spur and Summit ...

Victoria Street bridge renovation

28 April 1977

View during the renovation of the Victoria Street bridge in ...

Bridge of Remembrance car park

14 April 1977

Site of proposed car park near the Bridge of Remembrance.

Protest picnic against car park

14 April 1977

Protest picnic held by the Values Party on the site of a ...

Proposed car park near Bridge of Remembrance

29 April 1977

Intersection of Oxford Terrace, Durham Street South and ...

Mrs Weir's dairy

2 April 1977

H.L. Weir outside her dairy on the corner of Randolph Street and ...

State Theatre

28 April 1977

Margaret Heanly in the seating area of the State Theatre, on the ...

Anzac poppies

20 April 1977

Close-up of two versions of Anzac poppies. The version on the ...

Women protesting outside an Aranui supermarket

19 April 1977

Women protesting outside a supermarket on the corner of Pages ...

Christchurch Riding for the Disabled Association rideathon

23 April 1977

Horse at the Christchurch Riding for the Disabled centre, Royal ...

Christchurch Riding for the Disabled association

14 April 1977

Angelia Douglas, age 6, on a horse being supported by ...

Jaycees painting a community centre

28 April 1977

North Christchurch Jaycees, some on scaffolding, painting the ...

Lions at Orana Park

6 April 1977

Two lions at Orana Park attacking a dummy of a man looking under ...

Snowy the cat and the friendly magpie

15 April 1977

A cat named Snowy and a magpie bird sat in the cab of a van ...

National Airways Corporation ( NAC ) reservation staff

15 April 1977

Reservations staff for National Airways Corporation ( NAC ) at ...

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