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Ripapa Island cannon

26 December 1980

Cannon, part of Fort Jervois at Ripapa Island, just off Banks ...

Pedestrian crossing

20 December 1980

Pedestrians on a Barnes Dance / Diagonal crossing at an ...

Father Christmas in Cinderella's coach

22 December 1980

Santa Claus sat in Cinderella's coach and being towed by Murray ...

Christmas trees for Antarctica

19 December 1980

S.W. Skudder and I. Radovanovich with Christmas trees destined ...

Shaun Roberts with Christmas presents

18 December 1980

A child, Shaun Roberts, carrying his Christmas presents in the ...

Farmers and Haywrights Christmas roof display

11 December 1980

Suzanne Grace examining the display of Captain Hook and friends ...

Mark Nicholl with Christmas tree

13 December 1980

A child, Mark Nicholl, on his bicycle carrying a Christmas tree ...

Sign writer in Timaru

5 December 1980

Sign writer, Paul Baker, painting Christmas message on a ...

Marching girls on Main North Road

8 December 1980

Members of marching groups on Main North Road.

Woodend Beach

27 December 1980

Woodend Beach looking south towards Banks Peninsula.

Christchurch service station owners protest

6 December 1980

Owners of Christchurch service stations marching with placards ...

Sydenham Post Office

17 December 1980

Exterior of the Sydenham Post Office building built in 1911 at ...

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