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Manchester Street bridge


View of the Manchester Street bridge looking from just past the ...

Avon River view


View looking along the Avon River with Cambridge Terrace to the ...

Victoria Street bridge


View from Victoria Square towards the Victoria Street bridge ...

Armagh Street bridge


View of a woman seated on the bank of the Avon River next to the ...

Avon River bank


View of the Avon River towards the Armagh Street bridge with ...

River swimming in Canterbury


Children playing in a river in Canterbury with cars parked along ...

Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda restaurant


Members of the Gopal family outside the Thomas Edmonds Band ...

Seated by the Avon River


Betty Watkins sitting on the bank of the Avon River with two ...

Slip-sliding away

Wednesday, ‎23 ‎February ‎2011, ‏‎2:36 PM

The riverbanks on Avonside Drive subsided dramatically towards ...

Worcester Street bridge and fountains

2 February 1971

Five fountains (originally from the 1968 Pan-Pacific Arts ...

Portable fountain in Avon River

19 January 1965

Demonstration of a portable fountain in the Avon River between ...

Christchurch Star offices

14 January 1960

View of Christchurch Star offices on Kilmore Street seen from ...

Victoria Street bridge renovation

28 April 1977

View during the renovation of the Victoria Street bridge in ...

Frame for footbridge at the end of Salisbury Street

29 October 1988

The steel frame of a new footbridge crossing the Avon River from ...

Construction of concrete road bridge, Puriri Street

30 June 1990

Shingle being loaded into the Avon riverbank, Puriri Street, ...

The Bricks memorial


The Bricks memorial by the Barbadoes Street bridge over the Avon ...

Manchester Street bridge

23 January 1946

View of Manchester Street bridge across the Avon River.

Avondale bridge

29 June 1961

Don McLean and Morgan Mitchell floating a pinus log down the ...

Armagh Street bridge

31 July 1962

View of the Armagh Street bridge crossing the Avon River from ...

Barbadoes Street bridge

31 July 1962

View of the newly completed bridge over the Avon River on ...

Madras Street bridge

12 September 1967

View of the Madras Street bridge over the Avon River, taken from ...

Robert Falcon Scott statue

8 September 1942

View of the Robert Falcon Scott statue on Worcester Street with ...

Clearing weeds on the Heathcote River

19 June 1940

A boat clearing the weeds from the Heathcote River looking ...

Coffer dam on the Heathcote River

13 September 1962

View of a coffer dam being built on the Heathcote River.

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