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Catnap Cafe

5 September 2021

Cats at Level 3.

Corvettes and a cat called Shakie


View of three lined up Corvette cars, owned by the contributor ...

Life in the 1990's


"Here is my husband David Gibson, relaxing in the lounge with ...

Not our cat

April 2020

Charlie the neighbour's cat begs to be let in.

Yenna the Kitten

May 2020

Yenna the kitten was adopted during Lockdown and loves to ...

Yenna the Kitten

April 2020

Yenna the grey kitten was adopted during Lockdown Level 3.

Roy the stray cat

April 2020

Roy the stray cat hoping for some attention.

Cat Tank

5 May 2020

The image fits the theme because I'm spending time with my ...

The Walk

May 2020

This photo is of my cat and dog taking a walk with me and my ...

Self Portrait with Monkey

12 May 2020

Recreating this artwork gave me a sense of creativity in ...


June 2020

Exploring within our garden bubble. I chose this picture ...

Deneka resting on chair.

29 April 2020

Deneka the cat just woken up.

Signs at Charity Hospital

11 April 2020

Signs at Canterbury Charity Hospital including a sign assuring ...

Cat posing as a soft toy for Bear Hunt

4 April 2020

Cat in window alongside soft toys on display for the lockdown ...

Cat at fire station parade

22 December 1972

Socks the cat interrupts a parade inspection at the Central Fire ...

Teddybear hunt on bike

12 April 2020

A cute teddybear found on our bike ride in Clivedon Place, ...

Puzzles during Level 4 Lockdown

1 April 2020

Puzzles are one way that we pass time during lockdown, including ...

Waiting to jigsaw

29 March 2020

Sami waiting to start jigsawing on a rainy Sunday during the ...

Siamese cat with health stamps

4 August 1983

Bunyarra Trinity, a lilac point Siamese, with her owner Mrs ...

Medbury School pet show

12 July 1985

Tim McInnes with mother, Dianne, and his pets, Nimbus the cat, ...

Yacht after storm

21 January 1988

Jill and Barry Edwards, with Julie Moore and Koko the cat aboard ...

Milton Street vet clinic mural

19 April 1982

Carol Parrott painting a mural on the Milton Street vet clinic ...

Shirley Service Centre cat

20 January 1996

Librarian Barbara Reed and Peter the cat at Shirley Service ...

Cat and dog lanterns


Victoria Square during the 2008 Chinese Lantern Festival.   ...

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