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Mitchells Gully gold battery

27 January 1979

Preserved gold battery at Mitchells Gully, Charleston.

Pruning at Shenley Orchard

5 July 1988

Ian Clarke pruning 100 year old pear trees at Shenley Orchard. ...

Arbor Day at Waltham Primary School

6 June 1990

Waltham Primary School students with Mayor, Vicki Buck, planting ...

Plating a ramarama shrub

7 June 1979

Member for Parliament for Lyttelton, Mrs Ann Hercus, with Shane ...

Plating trees at South Hornby Primary School for Arbor Day

9 July 1982

Junior pupils at South Hornby Primary School planting trees for ...

Arbor Day tree planting at Elizabeth Park

5 June 1991

Kathleen Shortland, Marygold Koni, and Barbara Hood of Branston ...

Tree Hugging

August 2019

Hugging trees at Hagley Park

Snow - 1942


Snow on tree, 1942? From a photograph album.

Trees and park


Trees and park. From a photograph album.

Trees, river bank, woman walking


Trees, river bank, woman walking. From a photograph album.

Hug a tree

19 October 1996.

Our walking group love to "hug a tree" This photo was taken on ...

Hagley Park Mist

July 2019

South Hagley Park from Deans Avenue

Helen Cordner and B. Penny

20 March 1980

Helen Cordner (left) and B. Penny on the bank of the Wairarapa ...

Frame for footbridge at the end of Salisbury Street

29 October 1988

The steel frame of a new footbridge crossing the Avon River from ...

The Bricks memorial


The Bricks memorial by the Barbadoes Street bridge over the Avon ...

Totara tree

29 October 1995

I joined a walking group 29 October 1995 for a walk on the Great ...

Duvauchelle School playground

21 August 1976

Duvauchelle School students playing in the playground built for ...

Duvauchelle School tree house

7 September 1976

Duvauchelle School pupils in their tree fort which was built for ...

Beckenham School book week

12 October 1988

Students of Beckenham School at Beckenham Park for the school's ...

Manchester Street bridge

23 January 1946

View of Manchester Street bridge across the Avon River.

Construction of new Cashmere Road bridge

26 June 1962

Pre-stressed concrete beams being lowered into position during ...

Barbadoes Street bridge

31 July 1962

View of the newly completed bridge over the Avon River on ...

Swanns Road bridge

31 July 1962

View of the Swanns Road bridge over the Avon River in Avonside ...

Botanic Gardens footbridge

19 August 1985

View of school students using a wooden footbridge across the ...

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