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Lyndhurst Hospital exterior, Bealey Avenue

12 September 1984

Exterior of Lyndhurst Home at 58 Bealey Avenue shortly before ...

Mary Potter Hospice front entrance

Circa 1960s

View of the front entrance to the Mary Potter Hospice for the ...

Reflective Lullabye (Robert?)

7 April 2020

Reflective Lullabye (Robert?) stainless steel gnome installation ...

Covid-19 poster

24 March 2020

Poster on dairy wall on corner of Manchester Street and Bealey ...

Carlton Mill Lodge Motel

6 March 1973

Exterior of units at the Carlton Mill Lodge Motel at 15 Bealey ...

North Hagley Park motorway

15 January 1966

Aerial photograph of North Hagley Park showing the proposed ...

Former warden of Hogben House

10 January 1981

The former warden of Hogben House, B.J. Wilson standing outside ...

Bealey Avenue road works

18 August 1984

Road works on Bealey Avenue looking towards the intersection ...

Salvation Army emergency lodge

3 April 1970

The Salvation Army emergency lodge & Samaritan Centre at 209 ...

Demolition of Colombo Street-Bealey Avenue shops

27 March 1982

Demolition of the block of shops on the corner of Colombo Street ...

Carlton Mill corner

13 February 1976

Aerial view of Carlton Mill corner showing the traffic control ...

Bealey Park office park

7 July 1987

Bealey Park, office park between Barbadoes Street and Churchill ...

Knox Church

5 December 1941

Knox Church on the corner of Victoria Street and Bealey Avenue.

Knox Presbyterian Church

28 June 1980

Knox Presbyterian church on the corner of Victoria Street and ...

Tahere Food Mart on Bealey Avenue

12 January 1988

Exterior of the Tahere Food Mart at 325 Bealey Avenue on the ...

Dairy on Bealey Avenue

12 January 1988

Exterior of a dairy with Christmas decorations on the windows at ...

Manchester Dairy on Bealey Avenue

12 January 1988

Exterior of the Manchester Dairy at 184 Bealey Avenue on the ...

Snow at Carlton Corner


A tractor operated scoop clearing snow at Carlton Corner on the ...

Aerial view of Christchurch snow

August 1975

Aerial view of central Christchurch looking south over Moorhouse ...

210 Bealey Avenue substation


Substation situated at the entrance to 210 Bealey Avenue.

Pastor Erwin Ferris with "Smoking Sam"

24 October 1970

Pastor Erwin Ferris of the Seventh Day Adventists with "Smoking ...

Knox Church

31 March 2011

Earthquake damage to Knox Church, Bealey Avenue.

Atlas Voices at the rebuilt Knox Church

27 May 2018

Atlas Voices holds a choral performance at the rebuilt Knox ...

Sheer Delights restaurant

11 February 1986

Interior of the Sheer Delights dessert café and restaurant in ...

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