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Annami and Ashleigh at Sumner Beach


Annami (left) and Ashleigh have been friends as part of the IHC ...

Tony and Paul


Tony and Paul - a summers day and what better way to cool down. ...

Family picnic, 1965


Rimmer & Lee family picnic at Sumner, 1965.

Sumner one summer day


My mother (born in 1919) is second from the left, and her two ...

Kairaki camping ground

28 December 1964

View across caravans and tents at the camping ground at Kairaki.

The Yellowlees family camping at Woodend

28 December 1964

Stewart, Linda, Joe Yellowlees of Kaiapoi, sunbathing outside ...

Summer day at Pines Beach

2 January 1979

Typical Christchurch summer day at Pines Beach. Blue sky, ...

New Brighton beach crowd

11 January 1983

Crowds on New Brighton beach during a hot week in January.

Children with garden hose

27 January 1977

Mellanie Johnson and Marc Stanford with a garden hose at a home ...

School holidays at the Groynes

26 January 1980

A group of friends at the Groynes. Pictured, from front to back, ...

Suspension bridge at the Groynes

26 January 1980

Terry Creach, aged 11, canoeing in a branch of the Waimakariri ...

Swimming at the Groynes

26 January 1980

A group of adults and children swimming in a branch of the ...

Santa Claus on the beach

Circa 1990s

A man dressed as Santa Claus on the beach by Rapanui Shag Rock.

The new Christmas bike

30 December 1976

My older brother teaching our niece to ride the new bike she got ...

View from Dyers Pass Road

24 November 1981

Leua Tea Iosefa sitting in grass by Dyers Pass Road in the Port ...

Sign of the Kiwi Café

24 November 1981

Leua Tea Iosefa standing outside the Sign of the Kiwi Café on ...

Botanic gardens and museum


Sarona Ai'ono walking in the Botanic Gardens next to Canterbury ...

Iris gardens at Mona Vale

25 November 1981

Sarona Ai'ono and Leua Tea Iosefa posing in the Iris Gardens at ...

Family outing at Sumner Beach

Circa 1900

A family on the beach at Sumner playing in the sand with a ...

Botanic Gardens paddling pool

27 December 1976

Children and families enjoying the paddling pool at the ...

Feeding the ducks at the Botanic Gardens

28 December 1979

Women feeding the ducks at the Botanic Gardens with the ...

Roundabout at Botanic Gardens playground

27 December 1976

Children playing on the playground at the Botanic Gardens.

ChristChurch Cathedral Gothic Spire

22 December 2007

"ChristChurch Cathedral's Gothic Spire, on a glorious summer's ...

Worcester Street towards ChristChurch Cathedral

22 December 2007

Taken from the Worcester Street bridge over the Avon, this photo ...

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