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River Avon

Autumn 1994

River Avon taken from Kilmore Street.

Trees For Canterbury

Autumn 1996

James Brian Fraser of Ceres, Scotland visiting Trees For ...

Walking in Mona Vale

10 April 2020

My image fits the theme because my family and I like to go on ...

Fun with Leaves

22 May 2020

During the lockdown, we have had many leaves to sweep up. Our ...

Lockdown inside, Autumn outside.

May 2020

This photo represents what I do at home to make me feel safe and ...

Leaf Eating Dog

26 April 2020

The title of the photo is Leaf Eating Dog. This image has fit ...

Leaf Joy

June 2020

This photo represents always feeling happy inside your bubble ...

Autumn beautie

April 2020

Beautiful fantail snapped in the Halswell Domain over lockdown, ...

Thank you to all the essential workers

2 April 2020

This chalk message of thanks was written along the bank of the ...

Library entrance covered with autumn leaves

19 April 2020

Main doors of South library Beckenham with the autumn leaves ...

Autumn in lockdown

23 April 2020

Victoria Square became a true autumn delight over lockdown as ...

Captain James Cook Statue in a sea of levels

18 April 2020

The trees of Victoria Square began losing their leaves during ...

Motorbike photo shoot in South Hagley Park

Thursday 30 April 2020

A man taking a carefully staged photograph of his motorcycle in ...

Autumn Tree

6 May 2020

Corner of Kilmore St and Oxford Terrace, opposite "We Will Come ...

Colombo Street under L4 lockdown - empty except for the accumulating autumn leaves

14 April 2020, 11:46AM

Bus stop #14974 outside South City Shopping Centre, during ...

Daily walk

24 April 2020

This is part of my daily walk. Part of the Halswell Quarry ...

Footpath fun

12 April 2020

Found on our walk around the valley.

Autumn Leaves

5 April 2020

Autumn sunset during our evening walk on the Riccarton Road at ...

Autumn in Burnside

7 April 2020

A group of young adults getting some sun and exercise during the ...

Autumn leaf color

11 April 2020

Day 17 NZ lockdown​: Let's get some sun!

Addington Jail in Autumn

6 April 2020

This is one of the city's oldest jails, and is now a backpackers ...

Beatiful Autumn

7 April 2020

Avon River during Covid19 Lockdown, 7 April 2020.

Halswell Quarry

7 April 2020

My walk today. Halswell Quarry on a warm Autumn afternoon. So ...

Shredding Eucalyptus Tree

4 April 2020

A great Eucalyptus tree in Burnside Park shredding its bark.

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