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Provincial Hotel, Cashel Street

Circa 1990s

Provincial Hotel, Cashel Street, Christchurch, corner Cashel ...

Traffic from Papanui Road being diverted on Bealey Avenue

11 July 1974

Man directing traffic at the bottom of Papanui Road onto the ...

Gloucester Street Synagogue Star of David window

8 September 1987

Exterior of the synagogue in Gloucester Street during the ...

Shoes outside the Mosque on Deans Avenue

18 May 1985

Pairs of shoes outside the Mosque on Deans Avenue during the ...

Pottery class at Risingholme Community Centre

22 March 1975

Group of ladies participating in a Thursday afternoon pottery ...

Sockburn Park Recreation Centre

3 June 1976

Exterior of the Sockburn Park Recreation Centre which includes ...

Mrs Avice Hill on the grounds of her family property

12 Febuary 1987

Exterior and grounds of the family home of Mrs Avice Hill on ...

Risingholme Community Centre, Opawa

Circa 1975

Exterior and grounds of Risingholme Community Centre, Opawa

Bishopdale Community Centre

22 November 1975

Exterior of Bishopdale Community Centre shortly after ...

Playing pool at Bishopdale Community Centre

11 September 1976

Group of young people playing pool at Bishopdale Community ...

Don McKenzie Hall, Epson Road

24 June 1943

Recently completed Hall on Epsom Road, Sockburn that was built ...

Giraffes at Orana Wildlife Park

12 December 1988

Orana Wildlife Park assistant head keeper, Tony Thomas, with two ...

Kaka chicks at Orana Wildlife Park

13 May 1995

Rob Lawrence, animal manager at Orana Wildlife Park, with ...

Prince Philip at Peacock Springs, McLeans Island

3 March 1986

Mrs Diana Isaac and Mr Neil Isaac with Prince Philip feeding ...

"Judas Iscario" Cashmere High School Band

19 August 1992

Cashmere High School's five-piece rock band Judas Iscario, which ...

Historic Cabbage Trees at Burnside High School

18 December 1967

Stand of cabbage trees with Burnside High School buildings in ...

University students with the Sloth Mobile

11 November 1986

Group of university students dressed up as pirates and drinking ...

Riccarton High School, Sockburn

27 June 1987

Exterior of the main office block at Riccarton High School

Removal of beer can, Queen Victoria Statue, Victoria Square

16 June 1986

A volunteer from Alf's Imperial Army scaling the statue of ...

Round-About Rabbit


Rabbit on the Round-About at Travis and Frosts Road in Burwood.

Transpower building, Gilberthorpes Road


Exterior of the Transpower building at 31 Gilberthorpes Road in ...

Hei Hei Shops


View of Hei Hei Health Centre, Dairy and other shops along ...

Totem Pole


View of the Indian Totem Pole of Friendship at Christchurch ...

Fetching a stick at Waimairi Beach


A dog playing in the waves and fetching a stick at Waimairi ...

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