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Car on Sumner Road

2 November 2023

Sumner Road leading down to Lyttelton.

Heathcote Sod Hut


Portrait view of Peter John Stuart standing in front of the ...

Peter Stuart standing outside the Sod Hut


Portrait of Peter Stuart, standing outside the Heathcote Sod ...

Christchurch Sumner Road

12 August 2022

Road leading down to Lyttelton.

Sumner Road at dusk

10 August 2022

View from Christchurch Sumner Road looking towards Diamond ...

Cement silos at Lyttelton

11 June 1991

The concrete (right) and steel cement silos (left) at Gladstone ...

View of Harbour. Lyttelton.


From Beautiful Christchurch - a set of postcards containing 8 ...

London Street from Sumner Road


Looking along London Street from Sumner Road near the corner of ...

Reenactment of the arrest of Scottie Russell

12 March 1997

Salvation Army captain, Peter Roberts, and policemen, Neil ...

Sumner Road

28 July 2010

Oversize truck on Sumner Road.

Sumner Road and London Street

28 July 2010

Looking east down London Street from Sumner Road.

London Street, Lyttelton

28 July 2010

London Street, looking east towards intersection with Canterbury ...

Lyttelton Public Library

23 June 1983

Librarians Wendy Gallagher and Phillippa Collett outside ...

Lyttelton library

Circa 1970s

Exterior of the library in Lyttelton on the corner of Sumner ...

Lyttelton Timeball Station

About 1890s

Two children on Sumner Road, with houses, Reserve Terrace and ...

Aerial view of Lyttelton, 1961


Aerial photo of Lyttelton taken on a scenic flight from a small ...

View of Lyttelton from Sumner Road


View of Lyttelton and Lyttelton Harbour from Sumner Road with a ...

Lyttelton Harbour

Circa 2004

View from Lyttelton Harbour towards Godley Head, taken from a ...

The Dangling Digger on Sumner Road

16 November 2017

A tethered digger working between the catch bench and Sumner ...

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