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Grave of Ern Smith, Bromley Cemetery


Grave of Ern Smith, once Mayor of New Brighton. Grandson of ...

Barbadoes Street Cemetery

14 October 2023

Headstone in Barbadoes Street Cemetery.

Tree down in Barbadoes Street Cemetery

14 October 2023

Contributor's note: "Tree down in Barbadoes Street Cemetery. It ...

Circus at Bromley Park

About 1990s

Circus with Elephants set up at Bromley Park.

Mount Magdala Cemetery

20 January 2023

Mount Magdala Cemetery in Aidanfield.

Mount Magdala Cemetery gates

20 January 2023

Gates at the entrance to Mount Magdala Cemetery in Aidanfield.

Mount Magdala interpretation board

20 January 2023

Interpretation board for the former Mount Magdala home at the ...

Birch Hill Cemetery lawn

31 December 2022

Birch Hill Cemetery (130 Garry River Road) with a memorial to ...

Birch Hill Cemetery memorial

31 December 2022

Memorial for the soldiers and horses which served in the First ...

Interpretation board for Anzac horses

31 December 2022

Interpretation board detailing the history of horses which ...

Birch Hill Station Cemetery

31 December 2022

Entrance to Birch Hill Station Cemetery (130 Garry River Road), ...

Waddington Cemetery

25 September 2022

Waddington Cemetery on Old West Coast Road, Waddington.

Barbadoes Street Cemetery

28 August 2021

Daffodils and graves. Day 11 of Level 4 lockdown.

Trees in blossom at Avonhead Park Cemetery

16 September 2018

Avonhead Park Cemetery on a spring day. The headstones in the ...

Grave of Sultan and Sali Mahomet

21 October 2020

The grave of Sultan Mahomet, Sali Mahomet, and Florence Wylie in ...

Sydenham cemetery gates

11 April 2020

The gates at Sydenham Cemetery with one of the "To prevent the ...

Memorial for early Christchurch architect

22 February 1983

Mayor of Christchurch Sir Hamish Hay (centre) laying a wreath on ...

Hidden Walkway

9 April 2020

Discovered leading from Addington Cemetery to Antigua Street, it ...

Addington Cemetery

6 April 2020

Selwyn Street Entrance. One of the city's oldest, and it has ...

Owen Sutton grave at Bromley


Zelda Sutton sitting at the grave of Owen Sutton in Bromley ...

St Davids Street in Lyttelton


Houses on St Davids Street in Lyttelton.

Oxford Street houses


Houses on Oxford Street near the corner with Exeter Street.

Addington Cemetery

12 January 1974

View of Addington Cemetery.

John Twigger's grave

5 February 1986

View of John Twigger's grave in Addington Cemetery.

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