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Bowker Fountain, Victoria Square

26 July 2022

Shows the Bowker Fountain, Victoria Square after a period of ...

Local representative

10 October 2021

Cat at the fountain in Merle Place.

Merle Place fountain

10 October 2021

Fountain and decorative street lamp at the end of Merle Place ...

Christchurch Town Hall & Ferrier Fountain 2020

4 September 2020

Christchurch Town Hall's restored Ferrier-fountain. Glorious at ...


11 August 2021

Pattern of the sunlight on water.

Nor'west Arch

23 April 2021

View of the North-west Arch from Lake Hood.

Bowker Fountain postcard


A colourised postcard of the Bowker Fountain at Night in ...

Ferrier Fountain

13 August 2020

Fountain by the Town Hall lit up.

Graduation May 1996

May 1996

Dr Timothy Jenkins and Joyce Fraser in front of Town Hall ...

The Bowker Fountain in Victoria Square


Victoria Square in the 1980s.

Restored Peacock Fountain

8 May 1996

Botanical services curator Warwick Scadden (left), consultant ...

Papanui roundabout fountain

12 May 1984

Catherine Johnson, 5, examines the fountain at the Papanui ...

Frank Gracie Memorial Fountain

19 October 1981

Mayor H.G. Hay (left), D. Greig and Peg Gracie opening the Frank ...

Bowker Fountain, Victoria Square

23 March 1978

View of the Bowker Fountain in Victoria Square looking towards ...

King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain

21 August 1978

The King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain resited at ...

Ferrier Fountain

14 January 1978

A worker standing on scaffolding working on repairs to the ...

Ferrier Fountain

23 March 1978

The Ferrier Fountain in Victoria Square looking across the Avon ...

Shand Crescent fountain

19 July 1977

View of the fountain on Shand Crescent at the Shand Crescent ...

King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain

14 June 1977

The King Edward VII Coronation Memorial fountain in its original ...

Town Hall fountain construction

2 June 1972

Construction of the Town Hall fountain, the Ferrier Fountain, ...

Worcester Street bridge and fountains

2 February 1971

Five fountains (originally from the 1968 Pan-Pacific Arts ...

The dismantled Peacock Fountain

13 December 1971

Members of the Christchurch Civic Trust and the Mona Vale ...

Portable fountain in Avon River

19 January 1965

Demonstration of a portable fountain in the Avon River between ...

High Street-Cashel Street fountain

20 July 1965

The fountain at the corner of High Street and Cashel Street.

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