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Government Life Building heating and air conditioning centre

17 July 1964

Workmen checking the heating and air conditioning centre at the ...

Kaianga workshop

1 November 1979

A fitter and turner at work at Kaianga workshop.

Hamilton Jet boats

29 April 1992

Hamilton Jets sales manager, Jeremy Flatman (left), with ...

Hans Schuitman of Carlton Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

1 August 1981

Hans Schuitman, managing director of Carlton Manufacturing Co. ...

Depot on Barbadoes Street.

11 March 2011

Demolition material and machinery storage at Barbadoes Street.

Municipal Electricity Department control room

Circa 1940s

A man stood in the control room of the Municipal Electricity ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

14 March 1970

View of the feeder hopper where the fluoride is added to the ...

Fluoridation plant, Jeffreys Road

16 September 1965

A. Hardaker, a pumping station attendant, recharging the feeder ...

Diesel alternator unit

31 January 1966

Diesel alternator unit at the Christchurch City Council water ...

Sulphuric acid manufacturing plant, Hornby

14 June 1967

Kempthorne Prosser sulphuric acid manufacturing plant at Hornby.

Carbon dioxide plant, Carbonic Ice Ltd

23 September 1981

T.L. Uren, managing director of Carbonic Ice Ltd, with a piece ...

Toolquip Supplies workshop

18 September 1982

Machinery in the workshop of Toolquip Supplies, owned by Les ...

Seed dressing plant

29 September 1981

Seed dressing plant at the Leeston store of the New Zealand ...

Extension to the Central Library

15 May 1996

Builder, John Mawson, working on extensions to the third floor ...

Site for Canterbury Public Library

12 June 1979

View of the site for the Canterbury Public Library during the ...

Drilling the foundations for Canterbury Public Library

22 March 1978

A drilling rig starting to establish the foundations for the new ...

Shoe manufacturing

20 August 1980

An automatic combination back part moulding and seat lasting ...

Alan Jarvie using a computer lathe

22 September 1977

Alan Jarvie at the Addington Railway Workshops operating a ...

Addington Power House and Substation

Circa 1940s

Interior of dials monitoring power and voltage at the Addington ...

Addington Power House and Substation

Circa 1940s

Interior of dials monitoring power and voltage at the Addington ...

Making artificial limbs

Circa 1950s

Workmen in a workshop making artifical limbs.

Installation of high pressure water supply, Curletts Road


A trench digger preparing to lay a line on Curletts Road on the ...

Burst water main on Cashel Street

23 April 1987

View of a flooded corner of Cashel Street and Fitzgerald Avenue. ...

Peacock Springs Wildlife Park

14 April 1990

Shingle screen machine in use at Isaac Construction adjoining ...

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