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Mr S M Marker of Belfast, refuelling his Fox Moth at Blenheim airfield, 1961


Dad refueling his privately owned plane before take-off on a ...

Shoe playhouse at Avalon Children's Day Nursery

26 September 1961

Children playing in the shoe playhouse at Avalon Children's Day ...

Sydenham School reunion

30 October 1961

Former pupils of the 1921 Standard 6 class of Sydenham School at ...

Avondale bridge

29 June 1961

Don McLean and Morgan Mitchell floating a pinus log down the ...

Catherine Street footbridge

11 December 1961

The nearly completed footbridge over the Heathcote River at the ...

Traffic on the Colombo street railway bridge

March 1961

Traffic congestion on the Colombo Street railway bridge waiting ...

Allan McLean building

6 October 1961

Exterior of the Allan McLean building on the corner of Colombo ...

Concept drawing of Government Life building

10 May 1961

Government Life building concept drawing overlayed onto a ...

Crossing at Memorial Avenue and Clyde and Fendalton roads

19 October 1961

Schoolchildren crossing the intersection at Fendalton Road, ...

Trevor Childs and butchery display

7 July 1961

Trevor R. Childs with 'English country display' made of meat at ...

Eiffel Tower display at butchery

16 August 1961

Eiffel Tower display in butchery window made of sausage and ...

Kitchen appliances

6 June 1961

Kitchen appliances on display for sale.

The Municipal Electricity Department building


The Municipal Electricity Department building on the corner of ...

Electrical appliance display

21 June 1961

Display of electrical appliances.

Glenelg Health Camp matron

20 November 1961

Retiring Glenelg Health Camp matron, A.E. Morrison.

Heathcote River bridge

11 April 1961

View of the bridge over the Heathcote River estuary under low ...

Split log inspection

16 May 1961

People inspecting a split log.

Saw stuck in a log

19 May 1961

Larry Moore uses a wedge and axe to retrieve his saw from a log.

Sharpening a pit saw

19 May 1961

Bill Moore sharpening a pit saw.

Pit sawing on Banks Peninsula

19 May 1961

Larry Moore and his son John Moore pit sawing on the Banks ...

New Zealand vs France at Lancaster Park

19 August 1961

Aerial view of NZ vs France rugby game at Lancaster Park.

Queue at Post Office Savings Bank

9 March 1961

Queue of women at Post Office Savings Bank.

Mowing the lawns

12 September 1961

"My sister and a neighbourhood friend rather well-dressed for ...

Landslide at Huntsbury

18 July 1961

Looking up towards the scene of a landslide at Huntsbury next to ...

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