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Moving clock into position, new M.E.D building,

May 1939

Clock into new position on new building, May 1939.

The new M.E.D building at night


Office building 1939. Night view of new office building, ablaze ...

The M.E.D building during renovations


Between September and October 1957

Railway Station and Malt House at Heathcote


Railway Station and Malt House at Heathcote

Sumner Scarborough Clock Tower

Circa 1960s

View of the Sumner Scarborough clock tower along the Esplanade ...

The Jubilee Clock Tower, Christchurch

Circa 1920

The tower is pictured on the little north triangle between High, ...

The laying of the Bridge of Remembrance foundation stone.

25 April 1923

The foundation stone for the Bridge of Remembrance was laid on ...

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament

Circa 1905

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Barbadoes Street was ...

A busker in Cathedral Square

July 1927

A busker with a banjo entertaining in Cathedral Square.

An electric battery rail-car on the Christchurch to Lyttelton line.

July 1926

The Railway Department's new electric battery car for the ...

Sali Mahomet, Icecream Charlie (c. 1866-1943)

Circa 1930

He is shown in Cathedral Square where he operated his well-known ...

A view of the crowd attending the Canterbury A & P Show

November 1910

The Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral Association's ...

Old St Barnabas Church, Fendalton

November 1918

This wooden building was built in 1876. During the influenza ...

Representatives of the women's services march

18 December 1950

The One Hundred Years of Progress procession went from Latimer ...

Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Barbadoes Street

Circa 1925

Although Petre had intended the original altar to be in keeping ...

A railway running through Hagley Park

December 1905

The photograph, taken in December 1905, shows a train passing ...

Smith's Bookshop manager with early rugby books

14 October 1991

The manager, Ross Humphries, of Smith's Bookshop, on Manchester ...

Hawk at Willowbank wildlife reserve

12 December 1987

A hawk stood amongst grass at Willowbank wildlife reserve in ...

St Michael's Church bell-tower, Oxford Terrace

17 January 1976

Three children watching the bell-tower of St Michael's and All ...

Wigram Air Base


Harvards parked outside the control tower.

Bach 56 at Stewarts Gully


People outside Bach 56 at Stewarts Gully near the Waimakariri ...

Syd Carter, barber and tobacconist in his shop


My dad (Syd Carter) working in his barber and tobacconist shop ...

Alice Grundy watering a trough


Alice Grundy watering a trough for the cattle on Milton Street. ...

Syd Carter’s Barber Shop

Circa 1959

This was my father’s barber shop at the corner of Wilsons Road ...

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