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Opawa Primary School circus day

28 February 1987

Luke Hunter as a hire wire walker at the Opawa Primary School ...

Opawa Primary School circus day

13 March 1987

Matthew Stoddart dressed as a clown for Opawa Primary School ...

Wainoni School Samoan Group

24 August 1987

Wainoni School Samoan Group rehearsing for the Christchurch ...

Opening of Mission Christchurch

26 February 1987

View of the audience at the opening of Mission Christchurch by ...

Plans for the Government Buildings

23 October 1987

Peter Beavan and artist Jocelyn Allison outside the Government ...

Government surplus stores and Customs-seized goods auction

29 July 1987

View of attendees with ex-army vehicles at a Government surplus ...

Anzac Day parade

27 April 1987

Members of the Returned Services Association marching from St ...

Fishers building

5 December 1987

Fishers building on the corner of High Street and Hereford ...

Telecom House

10 December 1987

Telecom House at 157 Hereford Street.

Bealey Park office park

7 July 1987

Bealey Park, office park between Barbadoes Street and Churchill ...

Corner of Colombo and Peterborough streets

6 April 1987

Shops on the corner of Colombo Street and Peterborough Street ...

Peterborough Street buildings

7 April 1987

Buildings on Peterborough Street, including number 112 and 114.

Allan McLean Building

20 June 1987

The Allan McLean Building (McLean Instiute) on the corner of ...

Allan McLean Building

23 December 1987

Allan McLean Building on the corner of Colombo Street and Oxford ...

Victoria Towers

28 March 1987

Construction of Victoria Towers on the corner of Armagh Street ...

Deloitte House

28 March 1987

Construction of Deloitte House at 32 Oxford Terrace.

Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch

October 1987

View of the Bridge of Remembrance from Cashel Street on the east ...

Safety demonstration at the Consumers' Institute

27 March 1987

Dennis Wilkes demonstrates safety tests to Minister of Consumer ...

Construction of Westpark Tower

24 October 1987

Exterior of Westpark Tower, 56 Cashel Street, under ...

90 Armagh Street

11 May 1987

Exterior during the construction of a tower block at 90 Armagh ...

141 Cambridge Terrace

28 March 1987

Exterior of 141 Cambridge Terrace under construction, next to ...

Remaining façade of the Clarendon Hotel

11 March 1987

The remaining façade of the Clarendon Hotel being retained on ...

Victoria Towers

20 June 1987

Victoria Towers on the corner of Armagh Street and Oxford ...

View of Christchurch buildings

28 March 1987

View of central Christchurch buildings with numbering to mark ...

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