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Tony Fomison with rock drawings

30 January 1969

Tony Fomison with a selection of Māori rock drawings he traced ...

New polythene bagging machine

12 April 1969

A worker using a newly installed polythene bagging machine to ...

Avon Motor Lodge

6 December 1969

The Avon Motor Lodge at 356 Oxford Terrace as seen from the ...

Former Caxton printing press


Former Caxton Press printing press on display at Canterbury ...

Loading wheat at Lyttelton

11 February 1969

Workers in protective clothing guiding the mechanical wheat ...

Damage to Rikke Skou cargo

20 February 1969

View of broken plate glass which was broken in the hold of the ...

Whitebaiters at Kairaki

1 September 1969

The beach at Kairaki near the mouth of the Waimakariri River ...

Swimming pool dial-a-dollar campaign

5 March 1969

Telephone operators in the Jaycees Dial-a-Dollar campaign to ...

John Gallacher seated in a tyre

14 November 1969

John Gallacher, 2, sitting inside a tyre on farm machinery at ...

Shrove Tuesday pancake race finalists

19 February 1969

Carolyne Walker, Marlene Fitzwilliams, Wendy Ramage and other ...

Star first edition release

21 July 1969

Interior of the Christchurch Star front office on Kilmore Street ...

Temporary teacher training building

18 March 1969

A temporary building on a section at the intersection of Kilmore ...

Construction of Christchurch Teachers College Ilam campus

18 July 1969

Aerial view of the site of the Christchurch Teachers College, ...

Mini-mini-micro bike

17 February 1969

The mini-mini-micro bike of Stuart McLean beneath a parking ...

Mini-mini-micro bike

17 February 1969

Stuart McLean riding his mini-mini-micro bike up Colombo Street ...

Mini-mini-micro bike

17 February 1969

The mini-mini-micro bike of Stuart McLean.

Cam Road underpass construction

19 August 1969

Construction of the Cam Road underpass on the northern motorway ...

James Hight library model

5 April 1969

Model of the University of Canterbury James Hight library ...

University of Canterbury campus

18 July 1969

Aerial view of the science and engineering departments at the ...

Construction of university campus in Ilam

18 July 1969

Aerial view of the science departments at the University of ...

Transportation of piles

17 September 1969

A load of piles being removed from a transporter at Lyttelton.

Coronation Hospital boiler room construction site

18 October 1969

Dr Leslie C. L. Averill at the site of the construction of the ...

Golf at Coronation Hospital

3 March 1969

S. Munro, Reginald McNaughton and Joseph Gallagher playing golf ...

Peter Harkness


Peter Harkness of Lyttelton. The British Petroleum Company's ...

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