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Petrol Stop


The Watts family (Gus, Ruby, Anita, Irene) from Riccarton, ...

Buick and Building


Ivan Hibberd's home and Red 1938 Buick, Twin side mounts. 784 ...

Debutante Ball, Akaroa


My deb ball, held in the Akaroa Gaiety Theatre. I am on extreme ...

New Cardigans


Older Sister (10yrs) & me (8yrs) with cardigans knitted by our ...

Dinner at the Malando restaurant

About 1969

Contributor’s note: “This photo was taken C. 1969 at "The ...

Christchurch East School class photograph


Class photograph of standard 4 students in room 9 at ...

Old Stone House


Old Stone House, now the Cracroft Community Centre.

Wendy Donovan roller skating in Hornby

6 September 1969

Six-year-old Wendy Donovan roller skating in Hornby after ...

Construction of a rollerdrome in Hornby

4 February 1969

Construction of the Christchurch Amateur Roller Skating Club's ...

Hugh Proctor with glass swan

12 September 1969

Hugh Proctor gives a demonstration of crafting a glass swan in a ...

Hiroshima commemoration tree

6 August 1969

Elsie Locke, Phyllis Newell, and Ray Rawlings, place flowers at ...

Swimming lessons at Woolston Pool

1 November 1969

Children being taught how to swim at Woolston Park Swimming ...

Wedding party members in Redwood

December 1969

A bridesmaid and flowergirl on the wedding day of Patricia ...

Patricia Martin with flower girl and bridesmaid

December 1969

Patricia Martin on her wedding day prior to becoming Trish ...

Patricia Martin on her wedding day

December 1969

Patricia Martin on her wedding day prior to becoming Trish ...

Mr and Mrs Martin on their daughter's wedding day

December 1969

Taken at the entrance to Redwood Park outside the public toilets ...

South Christchurch


View looking across south Christchurch towards the Port Hills.

Addington Raceway


View looking across Addington towards Addington Raceway.

View over Sydenham


View from the Christchurch Railway Station tower across Sydenham ...

Railway lines near Hagley Park


View across railway lines in Addington towards the intersection ...

South African War veterans

2 June 1969

South African War veterans laying a wreath at the Queen Victoria ...

Tony Fomison with rock drawings

30 January 1969

Tony Fomison with a selection of Māori rock drawings he traced ...

New polythene bagging machine

12 April 1969

A worker using a newly installed polythene bagging machine to ...

Avon Motor Lodge

6 December 1969

The Avon Motor Lodge at 356 Oxford Terrace as seen from the ...

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