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SIMU Mutual Insurance Association building

2 October 1969

The SIMU Mutual Insurance Association building at 29 Latimer ...

Blackwell Motors on Durham Street

14 June 1969

Blackwell Motors, corner of Kilmore and Durham streets.

St Asaph and Antigua streets intersection

26 May 1969

Traffic officer E.A. Papslie at the corner of St Asaph and ...

Manchester Street and Lichfield Street corner

26 May 1969

Scene of a car driving the wrong way along Lichfield street, ...

One way traffic scheme

22 May 1969

Aerial view of central Chistchurch, with overlayed arrows ...

Corbel of W. Brassington

29 March 1969

Corbel on the Chamber of Commerce building depicting W. ...

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald

22 March 1969

Statue of James Edward Fitzgerald on Rolleston Avenue on the ...

Treatment of wood

25 October 1969

Wood being prepared for treatment at a Christchurch treatment ...

Competition at the MED training school

11 December 1969

Municipal Electricity Department (MED) workers lower Sammy ...

Transmission line tower construction

22 October 1969

Construction of a transmission line tower.

Electrical unit unloaded at Lyttelton

1 September 1969

An electrical unit being unloaded at Lyttelton, destined for ...

Bust of Helen Connon

10 May 1969

Close-up of the bust of Helen Connon on display in the Great ...

Chinese New Year celebrations

18 February 1969

A Chinese drummer as part of the lion dance during the Chinese ...

Town Hall construction site


A view of the Christchurch Town Hall construction site looking ...

Inspection of the Town Hall building site

3 July 1969

The Christchurch Town Hall committee inspecting the construction ...

Construction site of the Town Hall

18 July 1969

Aerial view of the construction site of the Town Hall on the ...

Children at Beckenham Public Library

9 September 1969

Catherine Davies and Tony Innes reading at Beckenham Public ...

Beckenham Public Library

19 September 1969

Interior of Beckenham Public Library with librarians, G. Mackley ...

Godley Head lighthouse

27 June 1969

Exterior of the Godley Head lighthouse.

Enquiry counter at Canterbury Public Library

13 May 1969

The enquiry counter with customers at Canterbury Public Library.

Bindery staff at Canterbury Public Library

13 August 1969

Bindery staff at Canterbury Public Library. Pictured are, from ...

Book issues

16 May 1969

Books being issued at Canterbury Public Library

Waka / canoe from Okains Bay Museum

30 December 1969

Waka / canoe from Murray Thacker's museum at Okains Bay being ...

Old Stables, Hornby

9 December 1969

Exterior of the old stables on land proposed to be developed ...

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