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Teddy bears on Edgeware Road

12 April 2020

Every day this house has an array of bears. When it is wet, ...

Teddy bear hunt

6 April 2020

Seen on a driveway during level 4 lockdown, a koala stuffed toy ...

George Manning Home for the Elderly craft group

28 October 1982

Members of the Craft group with their crafts at the George ...

Bear Hunt on Summit Road

17 May 2020

During the Lock down, Teddy Bears appeared all over the city, ...

Bear in a tree with rabbit ears for Easter

11 April 2020

Bear in tree along Harris Crescent for the Lockdown Bear Hunt ...

Toys in window

10 April 2020

Toys and Easter eggs in window at Wesley Care on Harewood Road ...

Soft toys in window

5 April 2020

Soft toys in window along Wairakei Road as part of the Lockdown ...

Superman soft toy

5 April 2020

Superman soft toy flying over a fence along Jennifer Street as ...

Soft toys on trees

4 April 2020

A variety of soft toys decorating trees along a driveway on ...

Bear and Elmo in window

4 April 2020

Bear and Elmo in window on Ilam Road as part of the Lockdown ...

Upstairs window bears

4 April 2020

Teddy bears in upstairs windows for the Lockdown bear hunt seen ...

Soft toys on trees

4 April 2020

Soft toys including a bear, dog and kiwi decorating trees at the ...

Cat posing as a soft toy for Bear Hunt

4 April 2020

Cat in window alongside soft toys on display for the lockdown ...

Teddy bears in a window

17 April 2020

Teddy bears in a window on Burdale Street as part of the Bear ...

Teddies in a caravan

15 April 2020

These soft toys are staying safe in their bubble and bringing ...

Bear Hunt

Thursday 2 April 2020

Teddy Bear at a house in St Albans. Day 8 of lockdown.

Souvlaki King

6 April 2020

Teddy bears and Kermit the frog in the window of Souvlaki King.

Knitted toys on Neville Street

Wednesday 1 April 2020

A knitted Postman Pat and another knitted soft toy attached to a ...

Sitting on the fence

29 March 2020

Bear on a fence on Halswell Road. Part of the bear hunt ...

Gong Yu Chun with toy rabbit

30 January 1987

Acrobat, Gong Yu Chun, with a toy rabbit presented by Daryle ...

Child's desk in a house in New Brighton

Friday, 29 July 2016

Close-up of a child's desk with toys, including Lego, in a house ...

Bishopdale craft shop

16 October 1981

Co-manager of the craft shop in Bishopdale, N.M. Mannis with a ...

Country Women's Institute Spring Show

30 September 1968

E.G. McKenzie, I. Cooke and G.E. Mason with soft toys at the ...

Teddies in town

24 January 1997

Children throwing teddy bears into the air in Cathedral Square.

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