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House decorated for Christmas

19 December 2020

Christmas lights and scene including the drummer boy, snowmen ...

Santa in the Parade

Saturday 12 December 2020

New Brighton Christmas Parade. Saturday 12 December 2020.

Santa arrives on the beach

Saturday 12 December 2020

New Brighton Christmas Parade.

Erica and Fiona at Christmas Wonderland


Erica (right) and Fiona have been friends for a number of years ...

Farmers on Armagh Street at Christmas


A member of the Gopal family in Victoria Square looking towards ...

Meeting Santa Claus


Ronnie Watkins and Betty Watkins sitting with Santa Claus.

Santa Claus at the Skate Inn, Dunedin.

22 December 1981

Santa Claus at the Skate Inn roller staking rink, Dunedin.

Santa Claus

24 December 1982

Santa Claus holding a comb and scissors and surrounded by ...

Santa Claus flying Ansett

9 December 1987

Ansett flight attendant, Bernadette Hare (left) and passenger ...

Santa - New Brighton Christmas Parade

8 December 2018

New Brighton Christmas Parade. Saturday 8 December 2018. Santa ...

The Hogshead Tavern mascot at Christmas

21 December 1991

Kate Rivers, bar staff member, with the owner of Hogshead Tavern ...

Father Christmas in Cinderella's coach

22 December 1980

Santa Claus sat in Cinderella's coach and being towed by Murray ...

Motorcyclists collecting donated toys for Christmas

3 December 1988

Santa Claus riding in Steve King's Volkswagen trike during a ...

The Farmers store Santa Claus

16 November 1988

Christine Magon with her son David Magon, pointing to the Santa ...

Pre-school children with Santa Claus

18 November 1986

A group of pre-school children with Santa Claus inside a train ...

Santa's workshop for charity

10 September 1987

Melanie Crase (left) and Rachel Edwards pose with Santa Claus ...

Mail for Santa at Northlands Mall

8 December 1989

Santa Claus and Katrina Franklin of New Zealand Post at ...

Santa Claus in a hair salon

24 December 1985

Santa Claus sat in a hair salon with a basket of rollers and ...

The Star wishing well Christmas donations

4 December 1982

Tania and Brent Clough with toys at The Star wishing well. The ...

Richmond Free Kindergarten Christmas party

16 December 1983

Santa Claus visiting the Richmond Free Kindergarten Christmas ...

Santa Claus in the Town Hall fountain

17 December 1984

A man dressed as Santa Claus stood in front of the Ferrier ...

Cameron Kinzett with Santa Claus

15 December 1989

A child, Cameron Kinzett, with Santa Claus. They are holding a ...

Dismantling the Farmers Santa Claus

5 January 1983

The large promotional Farmers Department Store fibreglass Santa ...

The Farmers Santa Claus

14 November 1984

John Teague erecting the giant Santa Claus above the entrance to ...

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