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Police kiosk in Cathedral Square


View of Cathedral Square including the Regent Theatre building, ...

Construction in the Square


View of construction work taking place in Cathedral Square.

Christchurch, N.Z. from the Air


Christchurch, N.Z. from the Air

Cathedral Square


1 of 24 photos by FG Radcliffe in a booklet titled "Scenes from ...

VE Day in Cathedral Square

May 1945

"VE Day in Cathedral Square. My parents (on the right) travelled ...

Looking down on the Square


Looking down on the Square, Negative - Looking down on the ...

The Post Office, Cathedral Square, Christchurch. N.Z.


The Post Office, Cathedral Square, Christchurch. N.Z. Postcard ...

Construction in the Square


Construction in the Square

Aerial view of the Square

28 October 1973

Aerial view of the Square

Regent Theatre, 1957


Regent Theatre, 1957. Taken from a cameral that issued postage ...

Cathedral Square from Worcester St bridge


Cathedral Square looking east from Worcester St bridge; Avon ...

Aerial view of Central Christchurch, 1961


Aerial photo of Christchurch Central taken on a scenic flight ...

Cathedral Square at night

5 February 1958

View of Cathedral Square at night.

Aerial view of central Christchurch

11 March 1969

Aerial view of the city centre looking south from the Avon River ...

ChristChurch Cathedral roof repairs

9 April 1979

Oi Sagapolu, Watene Ruha and Lindsay Berryman fixing the roof of ...

Cathedral Square crowd


View of a large crowd gathered in Cathedral Square. Amongst the ...

Snow in Cathedral Square

July 1945

View looking across Cathedral Square covered in snow towards the ...

Regent Theatre

25 September 1990

The Regent Theatre, southwest corner of Cathedral Square.

Outside Regent theatre, Cathedral Square


Lei, Saunoa and Melany Al'ono off to the movies stood outside ...

Western central city

6 August 2008

View over western Christchurch from the Pacific Tower building.

North west Cathedral Square.

18 March 2008

Buildings on north west side of Cathedral Square.

Rooftops of north east Cathedral Square

18 March 2008

Looking west over the rooftops of north east Cathedral Square.

Rooftops of east Cathedral Square

17 March 2008

Rooftops of buildings east of Cathedral Square.

Centennial thanksgiving service


Crowds of people gathered in Cathedral Square for a Centennial ...

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