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Winter 2022, Golf Course in Shirley

15 June 2022

Horseshoe Lake Road, looking north.

Mid June Frost, 2022

15 June 2022

Horseshoe Lake Road, looking North West across the Golf Course ...

Foggy Botanic Gardens

27 August 2018

Christchurch Botanic Gardens in the fog.

Snow the icing on the cake

7 June 2012

"Snow in Galbraith Avenue, looking out to Avonside Drive. ...

Clearing snow in the garden


Feterika's brothers clearing the snow after the big snow, August ...

Snow on the Port Hills

July 2003

View of snow covering the area surrounding a road on the Port ...

Snow over Christchurch

July 2003

View from Victoria Park looking across towards Westmorland under ...

Model T Tourer


A Model T Tourer covered in snow at Coopers Creek in Rangiora.

Snowy New Brighton Beach

July-August 2011

"New Brighton beach during the snowy weather of July/August ...

Bedford TK cab

September 1979

Cab of a Bedford TK, taken after snowfall at Sheffield in ...

Red zone, white snow, pink sky

Winter 2012

"A carpet of snow across Sullivan Park on Galbraith Avenue, ...

Mystic River

15 July 2020

One foggy winter morning, I decided to photograph my walk. ...

Residential Red Zone living - complete with moat

18 August 2011, 5.46 PM

In the residential Red Zone, thawing snow from mid-August 2011 ...

Earthquakes + snowstorms = deep trouble

17 August 2011, 8.15 AM

In the Residential Red Zone, snow-thaw from the mid-August 2011 ...

August 2011 snowstorm in post-quake Residential Red Zone

16 August 2011, 9.21 AM

In mid-August 2011, the combination of heavy snowfalls and ...

Heavy snowfall Aug 2011, Avonside Residential Red Zone

16 Aug 2011, 9:19 AM

Following the major quakes in Feb and Jun 2011, we then ...

August 2011 snowstorm

16 Aug 2011, 09:00 AM

Heavy snowfall in mid-August 2011 made amazing patterns covering ...

Woolston house in the Big Snow of 1992

August 1992

House in St Luke's Street, Woolston 1992.

Basingstoke Street Snow

July/August 2011

Snow falling in Aranui, winter 2011.


August 27th 2019

SAKURA 桜, the cherry blossoms in winter gives an illusion of ...

At Porters Pass, 1940s


At Porters Pass between 40-50 decade. My dad on right, and ...

Waxeye/Tau-hou birds

10 July 1985

View of waxeye birds feeding at a bird table outside a cottage ...

Snow at the Hilltop Hotel

17 July 1976

Scene looking along the Christchurch-Akaroa Road towards the ...

Walking in the snow

13 June 1996

A woman holding an umbrella walking in the snow.

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