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Hay's Christmas parade

Mother Goose float


Hay's Christmas parade

Santa float


Hay's Christmas parade

Superman float


Hay's Christmas parade

Puppet Show float


Hay's Christmas parade

Morris dancers

circa. 1975

Hay's Christmas parade.

Puppet Show float


Hay's Christmas parade

The Mayor, Sir Hamish Hay, with Father Christmas

19 December 1983

Hamish Hay shakes hands with Father Christmas at the Summer ...

Father Christmas touches down

19 December 1983

Parachutist dressed as Father Christmas lands in park.

School children singing carols

9 December 1964

A group of school students from Halswell, Oaklands and ...

Christchurch Stands Tall

23 December 2014

Painted Giraffe on Cashel Street, decorated with representations ...

Crowne Plaza atrium café

Circa 1990s

Interior of the atrium café within the Park Royal Hotel at ...

Choir at Park Royal

Circa 1990s

ChristChurch Cathedral choristers singing in the atrium of Park ...

Marmite the cat, dressed as Santa

20 November 1996

Deborah Smith, aged 10, holding up Marmite the cat dressed as ...

Barrington Shopping Mall, Spreydon

30 September 1978

Interior of Barrington Shopping Mall decorated for Christmas. ...

Scallywags toy shop, Cashmere

22 November 1988

Cathy Hyde, joint-owner of Scallywags toy shop at 27 Colombo ...

Mason Struthers & Co. Ltd store, Colombo Street

15 December 1969

Interior of the 1st floor of Mason Struthers & Co. Ltd on the ...

Martin's Toys and Hobbies store Christmas stock

11 October 1979

Interior of Martins Toys and Hobbies store in Northlands ...

Beach at Corsair Bay

6 January 1966

Large crowds of people on the beach and in the sea at Corsair ...

Nurses at St Helens Hospital

20 December 1963

A group of nurses at St Helens Hospital at 885 Colombo Street ...

Christmas in the backyard

December 1958

A family Christmas in our back yard in Opawa. I am showing off ...



Hay's Christmas parade

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