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Soft toys on trees

4 April 2020

Soft toys including a bear, dog and kiwi decorating trees at the ...

Angus Tait of Tait Electronics

12 March 1987

Angus Tait, managing director of Tait Electronics with the ...

Pruning at Shenley Orchard

5 July 1988

Ian Clarke pruning 100 year old pear trees at Shenley Orchard. ...

Apple picking

21 May 1965

Mr Halkett A. Clarke picks some Strumer apples off a tree that ...

Shenley Orchards

21 March 1989

Ian Clarke of Shenley Orchard, corner of Wairakei and Russley ...

392 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr

c 1959

Church meeting at 392 Wairakei Road, Bryndwr. This would later ...

McSherry and Neale, electrical specialists

14 October 1983

Televisions for sale at McSherry and Neale at 290 Wairakei Road.

Making a new garden

September 1982

Halkett Clarke (back), Ian Clarke (on the tractor) Matthew Smith ...

Industrial estate on Wairakei Road

20 September 1975

View of grounds at the Industrial estate on Wairakei Road. A ...

Shenley Orchard ploughing paddock of young Delicious apple trees


Edward Clarke & son Halkett Clarke ploughing the paddock of ...

Packing fruit at Shenley Orchard, Harewood

Circa 1950's

Halkett Clarke & Mrs Pearce packing apples at Shenley Orchard on ...

Aerial view of Harewood

Circa 1970s

Aerial view of Harewood including Wairakei Road, Stanley Road ...

House in Bishopdale

8 July 2017

Exterior view of a house with cars parked in front at 410 ...

House in Bishopdale

8 July 2017

Exterior of a house with an old tiled roof at 399 Wairakei Road, ...

House in Bishopdale

8 July 2017

Exterior of a house with an old tiled roof at 397 Wairakei Road, ...

Bathroom in a home in Bishopdale

27 April 2017

Interior of a bathroom and toilet at Chloe's home on Wairakei ...

Chloe stood in the doorway of her home

27 April 2017

Chloe in the doorway to her home on Wairakei Road, Bishopdale.

Kitchen and lounge in a home in Bishopdale

27 April 2017

Chloe sat in the lounge of her home on Wairakei Road, ...

Kitchen in a home in Bishopdale

27 April 2017

Interior of the kitchen in Chloe's home on Wairakei Road, ...

Bus stop, Wairakei Road, Burnside

27 April 2017

Two people at a bus stop on Wairakei Road, Burnside.

Lake Bryndwr, near the corner of Wairakei and Breens Roads

Circa 1965

Aerial view of the lake. A speedway track can be seen ...

Dalgety Real Estate and Travel, Bryndwr

22 September 1982

Exterior of Dalgety Real Estate and Travel at 287A Wairakei ...

Shenley Orchard homestead

5 July 1988

Exterior view of the old granary, used for storage, at the ...

107 Idris Rd

12 January 1988

Victoria Florists on the corner of Idris and Wairakei Rd.

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