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Mona Vale homestead

5 May 2024

Mona Vale, Fendalton.

Punting at Mona Vale

17 February 1993

Angela Nicholls, Daniel and Michelle seated in a punt on the ...

Fendalton Park plaque and sign

21 February 2023

Sign for Fendalton Park, and a plaque on a rock commemorating ...

Holly Lea, Fendalton

31 August 1991

The exterior rear of Holly Lea residential home at 133 Fendalton ...

Quamby Home for Aged gentlewomen

22 May 1953

Exterior of Quamby Home for Aged gentlewomen on Fendalton Road.

Edith Edwards' 100th birthday cake

15 January 1983

Edith Edwards, 100, cuts her birthday cake with her niece, Freda ...

Fendalton Road speed limit sign

24 January 1969

Speed limit sign on Fendalton Road near the railway crossing.

Temporary bridge on Fendalton Road

25 November 1974

Barry Seymour, contractor, next to a temporary bailey bridge ...

David Penrose and beehives

4 February 1978

Beekeeper, David Penrose, with his beehives at his Fendalton ...

Traffic lights on Deans Avenue.

12 April 1969

Traffic lights at the Deans Avenue-Harper Avenue-Fendalton Road ...

Crossing at Memorial Avenue and Clyde and Fendalton roads

19 October 1961

Schoolchildren crossing the intersection at Fendalton Road, ...

Clyde Road and Fendalton Road corner


Substation on the corner of Fendalton Road and Clyde Road.

Daresbury, 67 Fendalton Road, Christchurch

circa. 1905

The photograph shows Daresbury, 67 Fendalton Road, a 50-room ...

River Avon. Fendalton bridge

Circa 1910

The first Fendalton Road bridge over the River Avon on this site ...

Removal of Christchurch Garden City sign

1 June 1990

"Christchurch, the Garden City - the city that shines" sign ...

St Barnabas Church Fair

11 October 2013

Exterior of St Barnabas Anglican Church during the church fair ...

St. Barnabas Anglican Church


Exterior of St Barnabas Anglican Church at 145 Fendalton Road.

Wood's Riccarton Mill


The water-powered mill was built by Wood Brothers Ltd in 1861 ...

Mona Vale Gatehouse

3 January 2003

The Mona Vale Homestead and grounds at 63 Fendalton Road are now ...

Christchurch promotional sign being revealed

21 May 1990

"Christchurch, the Garden City - the city that shines" sign ...

St. Barnabas Anglican Church

22 August 2009

Exterior of St Barnabas Anglican Church at 145 Fendalton Road.

Fendalton Plunket Rooms

10 May 2010

Fendalton Plunket Rooms at 83 Fendalton Road, situated in ...

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