Wedding of George and Thelma Goss

14 March 1928

Wedding of George and Thelma Goss

14 March 1928

Wedding of George and Thelma (nee Jeffs) Goss. They were married at St Marys Church in Merivale on the 14th of March 1928. Thelma was the 3rd daughter of Samuel E. Jeffs and May Jeffs. Pictured are (L-R) Allan Jeffs (bride’s sister; seated), Cecil Jeffs (bride’s brother; standing), George Goss (seated), Thelma Goss (standing) and Samuel Ephriam Jeffs (bride’s father; seated).

Area: North West / Merivale

Contributor: Sandra Templeton

Source: Entry in the 2022 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt

Reference ID: CCL-PH22-233

Uploaded by: CCL Photo Hunt

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