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Mairehau Hall


Mairehau - the new suburb is named in 1916. The area of Hills ...

Wedding party in Merivale

12 January 1910

The wedding party approaches the horse-drawn carriage after ...

Mairehau Playcentre Fancy Dress Party


Mairehau Playcentre on site where Mairehau High school is now. ...

The Winsor family bach, Fleming Street, North Beach


One of the many holiday homes built by W. H. Winsor along the ...

Marshland War Memorial Gates Dedication, 1920s


Dedication of the Marshland War Memorial Gates and Councillors ...

Iris and Jac Hogers, 1960


Myself (aged 37) and my second husband Jac (aged 32) at our ...

The rescued kitten, 1960


"My second oldest son, and my nephew with a kitten rescued from ...

Railway office staff


Railway office staff at the laying of the foundation stone of ...

First four ships re-enactment, 1950


Re-enactment of the landing of the first four ships. Event ...

David and Jane Sila at the Addington Races


My father loved the races! This is a photo of both my parents, ...

Mini-golf at Spencer Park

10- January 1979

Spencer Park Domain, Family mini-gold competition. Old style ...

University of Canterbury rowing team

Circa 1940s

Photo is taken at the Antigua boatsheds of the university rowing ...

Alice Grundy & family at Cave Rock

Alice Grundy & family at Cave Rock, Sumner.

The Groynes

11 September 2014

Richmond Neighbourhood Cottage

28 November 2013

Corner London & Pavitt Streets, Richmond

Church Corner Mall, Church Corner

22 August 2013

Church Corner Mall, Church Corner

Former Dwelling Middleton, 50 Acacia Avenue


The former dwelling Middleton is now part of the Middleton ...

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