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Canterbury Sale Yards, Deans Avenue

26 December 2011

The abandoned and derelict Canterbury Sale Yards were also known ...

Shops, 115 North Avon Road

31 December 2009

Hairdresser and dairy located at 115 North Avon Road at the ...

A small goods factory in Cashel Street

December 1905

Employees of the Christchurch Meat Co. Ltd. dicing meat and ...

St Bedes College.


The St Bedes College building as it was in 1950.

Peterborough Apartments

23 August 2009

Montreal and Peterborough intersection. Old teachers' college. ...

Interior of Terminus Convenience Store, Opawa

Between April 1986 and April 1989

Prize winning garden, Avondale


Prize winning garden of Maurice and Madeline Gurney. Eglinton ...

Sunday afternoon, Sumner promenade


Three generations, grandmother, parents, children, walking on ...

Cora Wilding Youth Hostel

January 1979

Cora Wilding Youth Hostel in Evelyn Couzins Avenue, Richmond ...

Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Co. Ltd

November 1979

Former Kaiapoi Woollen Manufacturing Co.Ltd building (now ...

Kids of the neighbourhood and their giant snowball


Kids of the neighbourhood and their giant snowball outside the ...

Decorated Bikes


Bruce, Andrew, Anne and Margaret decorated their bikes for a ...

Mr Richard Smith and his daughters


Mr Richard Smith with his daughters, Betty (3), Dulcie (13), and ...

Holt Family Home, Opawa Road.

Summer 1987-1988

Holt family home and garden in Opawa Road.

Twenty first birthday


Daughter and father handing her the "key to the door" at her ...

Majestic Dance Band


Jimmy Olin (Leader on saxophone), Lottie Duckworth (pianist), ...

D. C. 3 at Harewood Airport


Staff from No. 4 Hanger. Name of aircraft: (D.C. 3). This plane ...

Nor’ West Wedding


Jacqui Taylor’s parents' wedding . Photo taken outside the ...

Wainoni Park


Wainoni Park. Mrs. F. Holmes, Upper Riccarton-striped dress to ...

St Bede


High school students at the annual school ball at St. Bede

Cousins on Lawn.

April 1966

Second from right is Jacqui Taylor with her sister, two brothers ...

Albert Charles Beken & Family on an outing.

Circa 1920

Albert Charles Beken with his second wife Olive (nee Meek) and ...

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