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Crossing Main North Road

31 January 1979

Senior traffic instructor G.R. Marriner escorting Fiona and ...

Wedding guests of Arnold Robinson and Hineuru Jones

20 January 1979

Guests at the wedding of Arnold Robinson and Hineuru Jones, ...

Assembling a five tiered cake

20 January 1979

Sonny Collier (left) and Con Jones arrange a five tiered cake ...

Future site of Canterbury Public Library

9 January 1979

Construction worker demolishing part of a building on the site ...

Demolition of the Pioneer Amateur Sports Club building

20 January 1979

View of the Pioneer Amateur Sports Club building during ...

Fibreboard Containers Ltd's new Hornby plant

15 January 1979

An architect's impression of Fibreboard Containers Ltd's new ...

Stapling machine at Buntings factory

23 January 1979

John Yelavich operating a stapling machine at the Buntings ...

Raspberry picking

11 January 1979

Kenneth Buchanan with a bucket of raspberries.

Family picnic at Pines Beach


Family picnic at Pines beach. Folding chairs and stools, chilly ...

Cora Wilding Youth Hostel

January 1979

Cora Wilding Youth Hostel in Evelyn Couzins Avenue, Richmond ...

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