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Southpower Building

27 February 2005

218 Manchester Street

Barbadoes Street Cemetery

11 August 2007

Lychgate at the Barbadoes Street Cemetery

Fire Truck in Cathedral Square

Circa 1963-4

View of Cathedral Square including fire truck and five firemen, ...

Meeting Michael Joseph Savage on St Asaph Street

31 May 1939

"The time my father (with striped tie) met the then Prime ...

Fletcher Humphreys Staff Photo

Circa 1975

Fletcher Humphreys staff. My relative Freda Kite centre front ...

Children playing in the Avon, early 1900s

Circa 1905

The bridge in the background is the bridge in the Botanic ...

Student float, 1970s


Photos were taken in 1970 or 1971 of the annual student ...

Outfitting the studio, New Regent Street


"We were in New Regent Street recently, and with the reopening ...

Crystal Mirror & Glass Co. Ltd

About 1942

"Employees standing outside Crystal Mirror and Glass Co. Ltd at ...

Avon pontoon bridge


"Corps of N.Z. Engineers 3rd field Company Southern Command on ...

Christchurch East School, 1947


Christchurch East School 1947. David Penney - boy with striped ...

Work crew, W.W. Keighley and Co., Timber Merchants


My grandfather and great-grandfather worked for W. W. Keighley ...

McKenzie & Willis Building


238 Tuam Street / High Street Corner and 236 Tuam Street, on ...

Construction on Oxford Terrace

11 October 2015.

Construction on Oxford Terrace. Corner of Oxford Terrace and ...

1976 Telethon, Civic Theatre


"1976 Telethon - Civic Theatre - TV2 / South Pacific TV. St John ...

Fond memories


2006 was my first year in New Zealand, and consequently ...

Cambridge Service Limited

About 1930

This is a photograph of my father and his business partners ...

The Chalice

17 February 2011

Chalice was commissioned as part of Turning Point 2000, an ...

Christchurch Cathedral

21 February 2011

Taken 21 February 2011 the night before the big quake.

Victoria Square by Night

18 August 1959

Victoria Square by night, with statue of Queen Victoria. Looking ...

Brooks family, Hagley Park


The Brooks family with leis and toffee apples at the Canterbury ...

On Hay's Roof


My parents Olive and Walter Scott at Hays roof with my sister ...

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