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Tīrama Mai panels

3 June 2022

Corner Hereford and Colombo Streets.

COVID Messaging

23 May 2022

Phone message.

Result: Positive

23 May 2022

Message when you enter a positive COVID test.

"Keep ur laws off our bodies"

13 May 2022

Protest signs on Godley Statue.

Protest signs on Godley Statue

13 May 2022

Freedom of choice protests.

NG building demolition

3 May 2022

Demolition started on Madras Street.

NG building demolition

3 May 2022

Demolition begins on Madras Street.

Citizens’ war memorial sculpture

18 June 2022

A figure that forms part of the citizens’ war memorial on ...

Winter 2022, Golf Course in Shirley

15 June 2022

Horseshoe Lake Road, looking north.

Mid June Frost, 2022

15 June 2022

Horseshoe Lake Road, looking North West across the Golf Course ...

Late Autumn Sunrise in Burwood, 2022

24 May 2022

Horseshoe Lake Dog Park, opposite Shirley Golf Course. ...

Philippine Independence Day Celebration in Supling Filipino Playgroup Richmond

9 June 2021

Filipino mothers with their children celebrating the 123rd ...

Paeroa Reserve Visit of Supling Filipino Playgroup

12 April 2022

Regular nature walk and duck visit of Supling Playgroup to ...

Palaspas or weaving cross to celebrate Palm Sunday

12 April 2022

Palaspas is a decorative palm fronds and it is an important ...

Nativity Reenactment in Supling Filipino Playgroup

6 December 2019

Supling parents and their children telling the story of ...

Mat Time

1 November 2021

Singing Filipino songs using scarfs during circle time in ...

Habi (weaving) activity at Supling Filipino Playgroup

23 July 2020

Filipino children learning the art of weaving as part of ...

Chinese Culture Celebration in Suplng Filipino Playgroup

21 February 2022

The Parents of Supling Filipino Playgroup dancing the Fan Dance ...

Supling Filipino Playgroup nature walk

21 September 2021

Two of our children using magnifying glasses to investigate the ...

Autumn Activity in Supling Filipino Playgroup

3 May 2022

One of the activities to welcome Autumn. Learning the word ...

Community Librian Lynette Visits Supling Filipino Playgroup

16 March 2022

Community Librarian Lynette visits Supling Filipino Playgroup in ...

Belen, A Christmas story

13 December 2021

Supling Filipino Playgroup children creating their own Belen - ...

Snow on Cavendish Road

7 June 2012

View of snow at early evening on Cavendish Road. Photo taken at ...

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