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Language booklet launch

14 April 1977

Louisa Crawley (left) and Mrs Caroline Leota with a language ...

Rockgas shortage

16 December 1975

Rockgas attendant, Gordon Hooper, with gas canisters waiting to ...

Timaru's gas plant

1 May 1975

The gas plant on Perth Street, Timaru.

Gasholder collapse

22 December 1975

Ken Burridge (left) and Eric Gorman view the collapsed crown of ...

Gasholders beside Moorhouse Avenue

5 July 1975

Number 7 and number 6 gasholders at the Christchurch Gas Company ...

Timaru gas supply

27 August 1975

Gas supply site in Timaru.

Make up mark up

23 May 1975

Pam Stanley of Hoon Hay with the increased cost of make up.

Cellar of Bonningtons The Chemist

22 December 1973

B.W. Simpson, manager of Bonningtons The Chemist, checks stocks ...

Bonningtons The Chemist closing down sale

22 December 1973

Interior of Bonningtons The Chemist during its closing down ...

Christies night club

1 December 1972

The interior of Christies night club at 54 Litchfield Street in ...

Spitroast at the Wintergarden night club

5 October 1971

A chef carving a roast on a spit at the Wintergarden nightclub.

Wintergarden night club interior

27 September 1971

The interior of the Wintergarden nightclub. Image is reversed.

Dinner at the Wintergarden

5 October 1971

Food being served at the Wintergarden nightclub.

Wintergarden night club


Champagne and wine at the Wintergarden nightclub.

1942 United States Honey tank

13 July 1971

A 1942 United States Honey tank on its journey from New Brighton ...

Mini-mini-micro bike

17 February 1969

The mini-mini-micro bike of Stuart McLean beneath a parking ...

Mini-mini-micro bike

17 February 1969

Stuart McLean riding his mini-mini-micro bike up Colombo Street ...

Mini-mini-micro bike

17 February 1969

The mini-mini-micro bike of Stuart McLean.

Monaco dance hall

28 September 1968

Mural by Bill Hammond in the Monaco dance hall, Chancery Lane.

Halswell quarry plant

3 December 1966

Plant at Halswell quarry where crushing operations are carried ...

Halswell quarry

3 December 1966

Machinery working in Halswell quarry.

Gollans Bay quarry

27 June 1960

Blasting at Gollans Bay quarry.

Scott statue park

11 April 1960

The park with the Scott statue on the corner of Worcester Street ...

Arrival of new migrants

25 October 1953

New migrants arriving at Harewood aboard a KLM Liftmaster.

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