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Safety procedures training day for cabin crew

4 August 1982

Safety procedures instructor, Bob Sutherland, teaching Air New ...

Bullock Team at Le Bons Bay

21 April 1953

View of a bullock team pulling farm equipment at Le Bons Bay on ...

Murray Thacker bullock team launching a boat

15 February 1967

View of the Murray Thacker Bullock team helping to launch a boat ...

Bullock team on the Banks Peninsula

17 February 1940

View of a farmer and children alongside a bullock team used for ...

Murray Thacker bullock team

8 April 1988

View of the Murray Thacker bullock team on the Banks Peninsula, ...

Snow on Dyers Pass Road

18 May 1977

Motorists getting help on snow covered Dyers Pass Road leaving ...

Tree Roots

27 May 2019

Amazing tree roots at Riccarton Bush.


26 May 2019

Cousins sliding at the Margaret Mahy playground.

ChristChurch Cathedral Choristers


The ChristChurch Cathedral choir sing in the Cathedral square. ...

Christchurch Cathedral Choir


The Christchurch Cathedral choir in the Cathedral Square.

Christchurch Cathedral


The Christchurch cathedral choristers singing in the ...

Christchurch Cathedral Choristers

4 April 2019

Christchurch cathedral chorister’s who sing in the ...

Christchurch Cathedral Choristers

5 May 2019

Christchurch Cathedral Choristers. Who perform in the ...

Cathedral Square circa early 1940s

early 1940s

Family photo. My grandmother Grace Smith in the middle, to the ...

Spectators view of QEII

January 1974

View of the stadium track at Queen Elizabeth II Park, during the ...

Spectators at QEII - Commonwealth Games

January 1974

Spectators at the Commonwealth Games track and field events - ...

East window restored

March 2018

The east window, damaged by the fire, has been carefully ...

New stairs

March 2018

The stairs, damaged by the fire, have been carefully restored.

New sprinklers

March 2018

Sprinklers were installed to ensure the Vicarage is going to be ...

Hidden colours

February 2017

Moving the Vicarage we uncovered several layers of paint.

Moving it back

November 2017

Moving the Vicarage back on its new foundations

Moving it back

November 2017

The Vicarage was moved back on its new foundations.

Stronger foundations

September 2017

New foundations for the Vicarage.

Stronger foundations

September 2017

Concrete poured on the Vicarage new foundations.

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