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Yarn bombed tricycle

September 2022

Yarn bombed tricycle.

The detour track

26 April 2022

Tricycle exploring in the inner city.

Lake Victoria

13 March 2022

Sunday afternoon, Lake Victoria.

Risingholme Drama Group... "My heart's in the Highlands"

August 1954

Repertory Theatre Kilmore Street. August 1954. This is a photo ...

Hillview Christian School

March 2022

One cloudy morning it was very quiet on the playground as many ...

Lakeside School 60th Diamond Jubilee

April 1935

Whole group photo of those attending the Lakeside School 60th ...

Sali Mahomet's ice cream cart

26 March 2022

The ice cream cart of Sali Mahomet (1866-1943) an early Muslim ...

Ice Cream Charlie cart

26 March 2022

The ice cream cart of Sali Mahomet (1866-1943) an early Muslim ...

Ice cream cart of Sali Mahomet

26 March 2022

The ice cream cart of Sali Mahomet (1866-1943) an early Muslim ...

House of Sali Mahomet

26 March 2022

The house of Sali Mahomet (1866-1943), an early Muslim ice cream ...

Alan Meredith & Marie Ruby Clarke (nee Keys) - St Paul's Church, Christchurch

18 October 1941

Pilot Officer Alan Clarke & Pat (they called her) Clarke wedding ...

Mural by Wongi Wilson

13 March 2022

Progress on a mural on the corner of High Street. Part of FLARE ...

Chch Hip Hop Summit mural

13 March 2022

Mural on Hereford Street.

Paddy McNaughton's

13 March 2022

Formerly Shands emporium, Manchester Street.

185 white chairs

13 March 2022

Memorial at St Lukes in Manchester Street.

Make art not war

9 March 2022

‘Make Art Not War’ is a collaboration between Ghostcat (Mike ...

Art by Jessie Rawcliffe

9 March 2022

Artwork in the Boxed Quarter.

Sticker wall

6 March 2022

Slap City presents The International Paste-Up and Sticker ...

Te Pae convention centre

27 February 2022

View of Te Pae from the Oxford Terrace side.

COVID closures

6 March 2022

Sign on a business in town.

Waka on the Avon

6 March 2022

Waka on the Avon.

Anti Nazi poster

27 February 2022

Poster in town.

Thomas Edmonds Band rotunda

10 November 2021

Revamped rotunda reopened.

North Frame pedestrian bridge

9 November 2021

New bridge over the Avon between Manchester and Colombo Streets.

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