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Helping others have fun at the Margaret Mahy Playground

1 November 2020

A group of children playing at the Margaret Mahy playground on a ...

Tūranga reopens

9 September 2021

Tūranga reopens, day 2 of Level 2.

New spot in town

8 September 2021

Corner of Hereford and Colombo Streets. Day 1 of Lockdown Level ...


5 September 2021

Flowering magnolia in Salisbury Street.

South City pickup

5 September 2021

Level 3 click and collect from The Warehouse.

Catnap Cafe

5 September 2021

Cats at Level 3.


5 September 2021

Masked mannequin at Annah Stretton in The Colombo.

Black swans and cygnets

4 September 2021

Avon River birdlife.

Book Fridge

4 September 2021

Book Fridge Gap Filler.

First takeaways at Level 3

3 September 2021

Fish and chips!

Takeaways at Level 3

3 September 2021

Barbadoes Street. Typical setup for takeaway shops at Level 3.

No more gulls

2 September 2021

Site tidied up - formerly home to a colony of Black-billed Gulls ...

Barbadoes Street Cemetery

28 August 2021

Daffodils and graves. Day 11 of Level 4 lockdown.

Sign on Barbadoes Street

23 August 2021

Dairy on Barbadoes Street in the shops at the Barbadoes Street ...

Snow on the Port Hills

9 August 2021

A dusting of snow.

Fake street signs

3 July 2021

Fake street sign for filming of Amazon Studios movie Don’t ...

Gimbon Street

3 July 2021

Fake street sign for filming of Amazon Studios movie Don’t ...

Scott Statue

25 June 2021

Statue lit up for Tīrama Mai.

Mural on Riverside Market

18 May 2021

Mural on Riverside Market.

St Michael and All Angels Church

16 May 2021

Part of Open Christchurch event.

Nurse Maude stained glass window

16 May 2021

“Faith and a Sick Child” stained glass window which is a ...

John Robert Godley statue

12 April 2021

Statue with messages about rape and consent.

Opening of Kohinga

10 April 2021

Opening of Kohinga, the new St Albans community centre.

Art on Manchester Street

12 March 2021

Wongi Wilson at work on street art mural near the Worcester ...

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