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Remembrance ceremony

22 February 2021

10 year anniversary of the 22 Feb 2011 earthquake.

Mural on Riverside Market

3 February 2021

Mural on Riverside Market during completion.

Tree with eyes

8 September 2021

A tree in Hansen Park has eye painted on it, in Lockdown 2, ...

Gardeners at the Linwood Community Garden

Thursday 9 September 2021

Two gardeners enjoy getting back to work at the Linwood ...

Linwood Community Garden

Thursday 9 September 2021

The Linwood Community Garden in Smith Street on the first day it ...

Masked bear and friend in window

5 September 2021

Masked bear and friend in window in New Brighton during Lockdown ...

Bear on fence in Lockdown August 2021

22 August 2021

A big teddy bear sitting atop a fence in New Brighton, reminding ...

Buller Stream Walkway

4 August 2021

One of the many new green spaces in post-earthquake ...

Queen Victoria statue- Victoria Square

4 September 2021

Queen Victoria statue- Victoria Square. Taken during 2021 ...

Sir Robert Falcon Scott memorial statue

4 September 2021

Sir Robert Falcon Scott memorial statue during lockdown 2021.


1 September 2021

Beautiful Chaffinch out for a stroll in Westmorland.

Best Friends

1 September 2021

Little lambs playing together on the first day of spring.

Spring Lamb

2 September 2021

A skipping spring lamb beautifully captured by Leanne Buchan ...

Walking with a 6 month old during lockdown

2 September 2021

Out for my daily masked up, socially distanced walk with my ...

Kaiapoi Port 1963


Waiotahi, Tuhoe and Toa.

Kaiapoi Port mid 1960's

Mid 1960's

From the left: Ranginui, Paroto (both still in service), plus ...

Waiotahi on the beach by the entrance to the Waimakariri River 1966


Caught by breakers and pushed onto the beach. Waiotahi was ...

Kaiapoi Port 1963


Ships are Waiotahi, Tuhoe on the inside rear and Toa on the ...

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds

13 July 1985

Mike Kerrigan evading a tackle at Sydenham Showgrounds during a ...

Smoke from tyre dump fire

24 November 1977

Smoke from the fire at a dump of tyres at Sandblasters and Metal ...

Climate research balloon

6 February 1978

Preparation of the Long Lifed Atmospheric Monitoring balloon at ...

Hay twins singing at Telethon

1 July 1985

Mayor, Hamish Hay, and his twin, David, sing Side by Side at ...

Woolworths staff in costume

27 June 1985

Woolworths staff dressed up at an auction for Telethon. Pictured ...

Hand holding record attempt

24 June 1985

An attempt to break the world hand holding record at Addington ...

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