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The "violin man" who regularly busked outside the ANZ Bank on Colombo Street.


Winning entry in the People category of the 2013 Christchurch ...

208 Worcester St. 2013 - Plinth where milk bottles were put for the milkman.


All that was left of 208 Worcester St after the 'quakes.

208 Worcester St.- Milk bottles and payment, 1980s


This boarding house stood on the Worcester St/Barbadoes St ...

208 Worcester Street


This boarding house stood on the Worcester St/Barbadoes St ...

Snowfall on Riccarton Road

21 June 1976

Looking east towards the Riccarton Mall. Lots of telephone poles ...

Family barbecue

10 January 1979

The old problem of getting the charcoal barbecue going. More ...

Family birthday

20 December 1975

Family tea for my mother's birthday. My mother (in blue) and my ...

Summer day at Pines Beach

2 January 1979

Typical Christchurch summer day at Pines Beach. Blue sky, ...

Family barbecue - 30 December 1981

30 December 1981

Family barbecue at my brother's house. Beach towels on the line. ...

The new Christmas bike

30 December 1976

Man teaching a girl to ride a bicycle in the driveway of a ...

Lyttelton Harbour from Lyttelton overbridge

16 February 1977

Lyttelton Harbour from the overbridge. Tug Lyttelton and an old ...

Grandfather pushing grandson in the family go-kart

2 January 1982

Man his grandson in the family kart while his granddaughter ...

Christmas Day 1975

25 December 1975

Reynolds family eating Christmas lunch at a dining table.

Family go-kart

2 January 1982

Small girl pushing her brother in a go-kart.
Contributor's ...

Father Christmas at 4 Square, on the corner of Milton and Selwyn Streets


Family with Father Christmas. Faith Sumner and children. Four ...

Family picnic at Pines Beach


Sitting under a tree during a family picnic at Pines beach.

Watching TV after a family tea

29 March 1979

A family watching tv after finishing dinner.
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Mini-golf at Spencer Park

10 January 1979

Adults and children playing mini golf at Spencer Park.

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