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Holt family Home, 48 Horotane Valley.

December 1969.

Showing swimming pool built by Neville Holt. Neville Attwood ...

Royal George Hotel

circa 1942.

Four people by car (unknown, unknown Evelyn Sycomore, unknown, ...

Greetings from NZEF in the Pacific


Illustration on this Christmas, New Year greeting postcard, ...


Pre 1920

Postcard showing of two nurses posing next to a decorated car in ...

First flight

December 1965.

Alan Tunnicliffe's first flight. Arrival at Christchurch ...

Family Reunion

25 December 2009

Family Reunion Christchurch from Siosifa Saafi of Tonga.

Grocers United Stores (GUS) Picnic Amberley Domain

Circa 1934.

Amberley Domain. Earliest link in this set of photos of ...

Lyttelton 1955


Founder of Oderings nursery on the left, Graham on the right. ...

Changing Face of Hornby Clock Tower


Part of the changing face of Hornby. The Clock Tower built by ...

Cashel Street, December 1900


Decorated for the Canterbury Jubilee, 1900.
From a ...

Burwood Rabbit Farm


Burwood Rabbit Farm. Was 24 Francis Street - now Bassett Street. ...

Hui at Rehua Marae


"Hui at Rehua Marae. Carolyn with pram." - Contributor's note ...

The corner of Rossall and Rhodes Streets in 1925


The corner of Rossall and Rhodes Streets looking south east. ...

Doris Goulding from Hornby with her two children and three nieces outside the Regent Café in Cathedral Square


From left: Maureen Goulding and Helen Fawdray; Kathleen Goulding ...

Changing the tyre


Changing a flat tyre on the way to Hanmer Springs on holiday ...

Holidays in the caravan


Winning entry for a collection in the 2015 Christchurch City ...

The "violin man" who regularly busked outside the ANZ Bank on Colombo Street.


Winning entry in the People category of the 2013 Christchurch ...

Kaye Neely leaving from Christchurch with an NAC air hostess


Kaye Neely from Miramar Wellington, departing at Christchurch ...

Group by Lyttelton Harbour


These photos are of the girls from Papanui Technical High ...

Rugby Match at Lancaster Park.


Rugby Match at Lancaster Park.
Category Winner: Places in ...

Summer Sunday outings at the Waimakariri River


Summer Sunday outing at the Waimakariri River. Bob, ?, Ruby, ...

North East Christchurch Energy Group Protest


In '79 the National Government introduced a 60 percent increase ...

Victoria Square by Night

18 August 1959

Victoria Square by night, with statue of Queen Victoria. Looking ...

Waiting for Moira, 1958.


Corner of Harewood Road and Restell St by Papanui Railway ...

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