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(wouldve been quicker but i was sight seeing, the view oh teh tohp, opawa library, Indo cola etc etc)

Thuh big uggihlyY monstuh can w8 [Bryan adams everything i do] Aint lieing, there is ah transport freightuh. [12:53pm]

(you wont believe Whats goin on outside thuh pad) giant Poppit monster is terrorizing lyttleton. (aye got an idea, what i can trap it on that Chinese freightor at teh port)

Back At the pad [John Homie]Thuh lyttleton[Wanted] Cause aym a cowboy [bread an ah lie] (not sure what the lyttleton siren is goin off for) bB 4 lyfe.

(Bettah goh check thuh pad)

We are


I am cool And all

We are

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