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Nomuh nom nomZ

(gr8st puhtty evuh) O.o ihs no1

G2g, goin church 4 party.

Wnt to place, found a sausage,8 thuH sausage, Showed up at thuh meAt, was L8< so wmt tinkle, showed at meet L8 again. Decided to tell you and ran here.

Fiddy minitZ now (wnt th piNk Lady) how am i post 2 get another free pwn ( so hungry)

And i Got it for free (GemZ) Ty bonihrruh (fashun an glihrruh) need a new pwn (Gemz) 4free (meh)

(0800 559 009) yeh, aye need a pwN

(its thuh atomii magik oh teh powpow [not "power(3)"] Oh teh Gohd Maykihz) gimme teh fReebie> teh vodapwn freebie.



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