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ihn fuhguhNomix. LoLoloL [Qualified Life Skills, That demonstrate an applied way of attainment through unspecified means, increasing ones lifstyle] gr8ly

-.- lsot thuh monday lunch. still hav thuh brekfes, but, long tyme til dinnuh. what2do. got afree bread. found a pokmihn card. -.- aym gona git a D1p10m4

hey ninny

They taking thuh spaycez

Mow [m^m -.- ?]

Mow m^m-.- ?

Happy phily p day Victoria Square chch [nz gr8st 7th concertday]

Free sammiches, caramel brownies -.- and coffee.......

{still winning, Copz keep getting jelly}

its a sundae boat thing -.-

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