Browse video messages left by visitors at the Discovery Wall at TÅ«ranga, Christchurch or the Mobile Discovery Wall.

mya, sharlie and tee..the gold team

Lol hi my futerself hi mollie

Free hours [19:27pm] -.- (It wasnt $6.40) O.o ($2 cheese chip, $3.50 big cheesey pie, an a 90C pepsi Raspberry)

dont even -.- (O.o oh yeah)

O.oWhut, its only thuh biscuit. It was a pick up. i didnt tayk, i was given. Yes thuh legGiwll (thuh leGiwl allyehN LawL)

(its friday) -.- (bbq at 16:30pm) ?! (chicken at 5:30) -.- (an pickup at 6)

-.- ( i was at the double E, its Friday, aye got no work, and its almost ah weekend)

And this is Opawa Library 13:49pm

But thats Lyttleton.

[annie] -.-

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