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{Netflix is filming at the Old Govihnmihn Building} 5trucks, 3vanz,x2campervans, cupley gazebo. laptop station, abd heaps of crew.



weas the minigun [Taco Bell - ChickeN Kay suh de yuh]

I failed [i got my licence] no more driving now [10+ lessons] gonna live thuh sorrows [bottle ohv red] chicken [chips] an a beef roast [piggy chippies]

Hi we are Having a great tiMe

Mon ami deluh twah (thibk it means bottle of red) chibi chicken aioli ketchup, chop suey n rice. (bogan jollibee) and green card for my govtmihn payd expences.

Greeting i hope you finally reached land Do you like my video?☺☺☺



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