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[The saturday, Will beH thuh big loss @ thuh otauLangi commies] Mango ice cream, chokol8 mousse with a wafer, wul neva beh 4gotten. (not the chokchip brioche

(if i waZ u, an u were meh, yuh prolly beh winniiiN)

erRy Friday night.

[2 4 1]

m^m [but it could be Ln P]

Its cold day today. fell like ah wintuh.

Hello library

Its the Canes, i seen them. an Ah Strayan Netball Team. They try 2 invade again. we will prevail again. -.- aym shifty yeRs ole. c iT awl b4 (Song:CarltonSuperRugby7)

Hi Mum☺

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